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Different story from industry researcher

TheInfoPro, a storage industry researcher and consultancy in New York City, has reported a slightly different IP-SAN adoption picture over the last several months.

In interviews held in fall 2005, the TheInfoPro Storage Networking Report on IP-SAN adoption said the category remained relatively flat; piloting activity was strong, but in-use percentages compared to numbers obtained in spring 2005 were flat, the researcher said.

In spring 2006, TheInfoPro reported that IP-SAN adoption actually showed a slight decline.

Forecasts by storage professionals for IP-SAN for both the beginning and the end of the year compared to fall 2005 responses to Wave 7 showed that 50 percent of Fortune 1000 TIPNetwork Storage Pros were cutting back their plans for enterprise IP-SAN adoption.

Why? "Storage professionals indicated that they are going to wait on their networking colleagues to build out the access layer of their IP network to 10GbE, and the network colleagues indicate they were waiting on upgrading their IP distribution layer to 40GbE," said Robert Stevenson, managing director of TheInfoPro in New York City.

"Storage professionals also indicated that their current FC-based storage infrastructure is under-utilized, and until they neared 90 percent port utilization, they were not in a hurry to build out an internal data center IP-SAN infrastructure," Stevenson said.


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