Revivio Backup Package Automates Recovery

The new Application Integration Suite helps customers more easily manage daily backup, disaster recovery and compliance tasks.

Revivio on March 27 will announce the availability of its new Application Integration Suite backup and recovery product.

The Revivio software package is designed to automate the data protection and recovery processes, enabling customers to more easily manage their daily backup and disaster recovery operations.

Featuring integration with Revivios CPS (Continuous Protections System), AIS is tuned to be a CPS-based recovery point.

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The suite offers application-aware knowledge modules that use appropriate data protection techniques for specific applications, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases, as well as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange servers, according to Kirby Wadsworth, senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development for Revivio, based in Lexington, Mass.

AIS does not require agents to be placed onto hosts and is independent of any data flow between applications and disk systems. To aid in archival recovery, the new Revivio software plugs in to backup products such as Symantecs Veritas Net Backup, CommVault Systems Galaxy and EMC Legato Networker.

Wadsworth said the kinds of data protection processes AIS can automate could involve everything from simple e-mail and file restoration, to traditional scheduled backups, to increasingly complex regulatory compliance and disaster recovery initiatives.

In particular, he said the Revivio software can help streamline disaster audit and disaster test operations by using two machines at a local and remote location. For example, when simulating a disaster or disaster recovery, the AIS system will generate a "time system" at one of the remote locations to cause an application to be loaded and started on the backup server.

The product then runs through the same series of tests that teams would run themselves at a remote location, and provides an e-mail or printout of those test results—all without requiring the slightest bit of human intervention.

The knowledge modules within AIS came in two flavors, Applications and Objects. Applications are described as "manual" or "verbs," Wadsworth said, meaning the processes required to recover an Exchange e-mail, an Oracle database or a lost file.

Objects, by comparison, are "nouns," meaning things that are managed, such as Veritas Volume Manager or a Brocade switch. The Objects discover APIs and know how to communicate with then.

Customers will be able to add new processes to AIS and extend its ability to support more applications or areas to manage via a drag-and-drop interface. Revivio is currently working with Glasshouse Technologies and other service providers to allow that development to occur and to extend recovery capabilities.

Revivio AIS will be available on March 27, and its base functionality is to be included with the packaged Revivio CPS.

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