Rubrik Optimizes Storage Management Platform to Run on AWS, Azure

Rubrik has always been about new-gen hybrid storage systems comprised of on-premises hardware combined with cloud services. Now the whole shebang works solely in the cloud.


Rubrik, which wants all its customers to forget about the intricacies of IT data storage management so its automated processes can handle it, announced April 25 that its scale-out software for data protection of cloud-native applications now runs in AWS, Microsoft Azure or both.

Rubrik has always been about new-gen hybrid storage systems comprised of on-premises hardware combined with cloud services. Now the whole shebang works solely in the cloud, if that's what the customer requires.

Fundamentally, Rubrik does away with all the point products (backup server, backup proxies, replication, accelerators, deduplication, disk storage, tape, off-site storage) that are necessarily involved in conventional backup and recovery systems. It replaces them with a single-box, converged backup and globally deduplicated storage, in one package.

IT Shops Flocking to Hybrid Systems

According to IDC, more than 80 percent of IT organizations will be committed to hybrid cloud architectures by end of 2017. As enterprises migrate applications to the cloud, the need for a cloud-scale data management platform becomes a significant need in order to protect and manage data born in the cloud, CEO and co-founder Bipul Sinha said.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management is deployed on-premises through plug-and-play appliances and also at the edge with Rubrik Edge software appliances.

For cloud-native applications, Rubrik orchestrates all critical data management functions-including backup and recovery, replication and disaster recovery, archival, copy data management, search, and analytics.

Key Business Advantages

By using Rubrik Cloud Data Management software fabric to run on public cloud providers, enterprises can:

--Get up and running in minutes by deploying Rubrik as a software instance on AWS and Azure. Protect cloud applications, deliver inter- and intra-cloud replication (Azure to AWS, across AWS regions, across Azure regions), bi-directional replication between cloud and on-prem, cloud data archival, and more.

--Avoid cloud vendor lock-in by migrating data from public cloud to public cloud to optimize application service quality.

--Achieve management simplicity by using the same consumer-grade HTML5 interface to manage applications on-premises, at the edge and in the cloud.

--Start small and scale out by growing the Rubrik cluster in lock-step with cloud data growth. All data is indexed and efficiently stored in a single, scale-out repository while providing data resiliency.

--Instantly locate and deliver application-consistent recoveries for data born in the cloud, including files, folders, filesets, VM, and database instances (e.g., Windows, Linux, SQL databases).

--Provide actionable insights with rich visual reporting. Rubrik Envision allows enterprises to create, customize, and share platform analytics on consumption, compliance, and more, across a multi-cloud environment.

Q&A with the CEO

eWEEK pulled Sinha aside for a couple of related questions.

EW: This news represents significant new choices for your customers, which is the evolution of good IT. We realize that this can go both ways, but is this primarily designed to bring more new customers to Rubrik, or to "graduate" current customers from on-site appliances to a full cloud deployment?

Sinha: "You're absolutely correct in that it goes both ways, but this release expands our addressable market in both current and prospective customers.  Enterprises want to deploy more cloud native applications and to orchestrate applications from on-premises to cloud, and cloud to cloud. Rubrik for Cloud enables this."

EW: Why is data protection better in this scenario as opposed to having the appliance on site and inside the firewall?

Sinha: "Both on-premises and cloud have their advantages, depending on the application and the data. For example, some customers may prefer on-premises from a governance perspective, while cloud can provide burst capacity or resiliency. Rubrik for Cloud gives customers the choice to select the environment that is right for them considering the requirements and cost, at any moment in time. Rubrik delivers comprehensive data protection and management no matter where you run your application--on premises or public cloud." 

Go here to download a Rubrik PDF whitepaper entitled "Data Protection for Cloud-Native Applications."

Enterprises interested in protecting cloud-native applications running on AWS and Microsoft Azure can enroll in Rubrik's Early Access Program. For more information, go here.

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