Samsung Debuts Embedded Multimedia Memory for Smartphones, Tablets

The eMMC Pro Class 1500 can store 16,000 MP3 files in a single package that weighs 0.6 grams, Samsung said.

Technology giant Samsung is looking to up the ante when it comes to smartphone storage solutions with the production of an ultra-fast embedded memory for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in 16-, 32- and 64-gigabyte densities. The new cards, dubbed the eMMC (embedded multimedia card) Pro Class 1500, can reach 1,500 inputs/outputs per second (IOPS) when writing data, according to Samsung. The company noted, however, IOPS results were based on Samsung lab results, which can vary, depending upon test conditions, systems architecture and software.

Designed for next-generation premium mobile products, the eMMC Pro Class 1500 uses the company€™s 64GB NAND with a toggle double data rate (DDR) 2.0 interface based on Samsung€™s latest 20-nanometer class process technology: Samsung provided the first 64GB eMMC in January 2010 using 30nm-class 32GB NAND flash components. The eMMC Pro Class 1500 can store 16,000 MP3 files in a single package that weighs 0.6 grams, the company said.

"With the production of the 64GB Samsung eMMC Pro Class 1500, we are delighted to provide the highest-performing mobile storage solutions available that support the latest eMMC standard, for worldwide mobile device makers," Jae Hyeong Lee, vice president of memory product planning and application engineering for Samsung Electronics, said in a press statement. "We will confidently strengthen our research and development efforts to continually bring to market the most advanced mobile storage devices based on next-generation standards."

Samsung will offer the new eMMCs in two, four- and eight-die stacks with the largest capacity of 64GBs being only 1.2mm thick, according to a press release, though the company did not reveal details as to when the platform would find its way onto mobile devices, but Samsung says the aim is to improve system performance and the user experience for a wide variety of applications, including Web browsing, 3D and HD video capture and playback, multitasking activities, augmented reality and the use of social networking sites and interactive graphics-rich gaming.

On the more technical side of things, the eMMC Pro Class 1500 also supports the latest Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) e-MMC v4.5 specification, which standardizes more features to improve performance, efficiency, security and reliability, including 200MB per second max bandwidth, cache handling, dynamic handling, file sanitizing and power-off notification.