Seagate Ships Encrypted Laptop Platform, New Hard Drives

Seagate's Momentus 5400 FDE.2, an encrypting platform, will be integrated into ASI notebooks, helping to provide business users with an array of security features focused around stolen or lost laptops.

Seagate Technology LLC announced March 12 that it will ship its encrypting PC hard drive, the Momentus 5400 FDE.2 (full disc encryption), to ASI Computer Technology's newest laptop PC, the C8105, offering a diverse set of hardware-based security features.

The Momentus 5400 FDE.2 is a hard drive that provides business professionals with 160GB of storage space, a Serial ATA interface and a hardware-based AES (advanced encryption standard). The AES is a government-grade security protocol that automatically encrypts hard-drive information, enabling users to block unauthorized access to information on lost or stolen laptops.

The encrypting hard drive from Seagate, based in Scotts Valley, Calif., also enables businesses to retire laptops without losing important information while also staying in line with data privacy laws.

"Computer security is a growing concern for all of our channel customers and for good reason as the theft of intellectual property, customer information and other precious content stored on laptops can cost organizations dearly in legal remedies and customer retention," Kent Tibbils, ASI senior director of Platform Technologies and Marketing, said in a company release.

Seagate's encrypting hard drive will be integrated into ASI's C8105 laptop PC, which will be available in April. The C8105's inclusion of the Momentus 5400 FDE.2 will feature a biometric fingerprint reader that can be used for user authentication.

To help set up Seagate's Momentus 5400 FDE.2, the ASI C8015 will include Wave Systems, a security platform distributor, and Embassy Security Center's Trusted Drive Manager, which also allows business users to set up and back up passwords, manage hard-drive policies and control security settings.

The laptop from Fremont, Calif.-based ASI will also integrate Seagates DriveTrust Technology, a security platform that allows business users to add security-based applications that provide businesses with encryption-key management capabilities, multi-factor user authentication and other features that help protect a user's digital information.

Seagate also announced that it has released its 7,200-rpm notebook PC hard drive, the Momentus 7200.2, which provides users with various security and storage capabilities.

The Momentus 7200.2 is designed for mainstream notebook PCs, workstations and RAID (redundant array of independent or inexpensive disks) enclosures. It is offered in 80GB, 100GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities.

The notebook PC hard drive from Seagate also offers an optional free-fall sensor, which helps to protect drive damage and data loss in case the laptop is dropped. This sensor can identify changes in acceleration equal to the force of gravity and then move the head off the disc to block contact with the platter during a free fall.

"The Momentus 7200.2 hard drive epitomizes Seagate's focus on delivering cutting-edge technologies that make it easier to move, use and protect digital information in the home, in the office and on the go," Michael Wingert, Seagate's executive vice president and general manager for Personal Compute Business, said in a company release.

Seagate's Momentus 7200.2 is able to endure up to 900g of non-operating shock and 350g of operating shock to help protect drive data. It also allows business users to work longer between battery charges.

The Momentus 7200.2 is available now and costs $188.