Sepaton Launches New-Gen Big Data, Hybrid Cloud Backup

VirtuoSO also provides enterprise-level grid scalability, multi-protocol support and smart data movement.

Sepaton, which makes high-end backup and recovery platforms for large enterprises, has launched a new network-attached storage-based data-protection package that can handle big data workloads and hybrid cloud deduplication.

Based on the company's newly developed OptiScale architecture, Sepaton's VirtuoSO also provides enterprise-level grid scalability, multiprotocol support and smart data movement.

VirtuoSO specifically addresses the needs of new-generation enterprise data centers—which means managing data growth and new data types and providing support for virtualization, big data workloads, cloud systems and other use cases.

Other key features include the following:

--Grid scalability: This provides the seamless addition of performance and capacity with automatic rebalancing of workloads to protect many petabytes in one, easy-to-manage system. It enables enterprises to add performance and storage capacity independently as needed starting at 7.9TB/hour with a single node and scaling up to 16 nodes for total throughput up to 126TB/hour in a single system.

--Smart hybrid deduplication: This is optimized for all workloads and data types for the most efficient use of storage and bandwidth. Sepaton VirtuoSO Smart Hybrid Deduplication software automatically maximizes data reduction and performance globally, using inline and post-processing modes, depending on data type and change rate. It also enables policy-driven setting of the deduplication mode, including an option to bypass deduplication for data types such as encrypted or compressed data.
--Smart data movers: These enable multi-source and multi-target replication, and data migration for accelerated ingest and network efficiency. Sepaton VirtuoSO Intelligent Data Mover software is the basis for replication, source dedupe, data migration and data tiering.

--New system management and reporting capabilities included in a new graphical user interface enable easy management with powerful dashboards from anywhere on any device.

The Sepaton VirtuoSO data-protection offering is currently in limited release and will be generally available in the first quarter of 2014. Pricing starts at $344,500.

Sepaton previewed VirtuoSO at the recent Storage Networking World conference.

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