Sepaton Refreshes VTL Line with De-Duplication

Company unveils new virtual tape appliances for enterprises and SMBs and updates its standard bread-and-butter products.

Data storage systems provider Sepaton said Feb. 12 that it is refreshing its entire disk-based virtual tape product line, led by new data de-duplication appliances for large enterprises and small- to mid-size data centers.

The Marlborough, Mass.-based company already has started shipping its new S2100-ES2 DeltaStor enterprise data de-duplication appliance and the smaller-scale DeltaStor product, a company spokesperson said.

Sepaton also unveiled the S2100-ES2 Series 500, the fifth generation of its enterprise virtual tape library, and the S2100-DS2, the second generation of its SMB VTL.

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"With data de-duplication, Sepatons value proposition just went higher," said Heidi Biggar, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford, Mass. "In adding two new VTL models and announcing volume availability of its DeltaStor data de-duplication technology, Sepaton continues to show it has the pulse on the data protection market.

"The company understands what users (enterprise, SMB and remote) needs are and it has a history of rolling out the right technologies at the right time. Its technology is differentiated by its ContentAware architecture, which is instrumental in its new data de-duplication capability and will serve as a foundation for other powerful features to come."

De-duplication is a method by which all redundant copies of data and files are eliminated to improve overall data accessibility and drive down operational costs. This can happen at several points in the information-gathering process: as data enters the system, at the server level or at the storage level.

The S2100-ES2 DeltaStor Appliance for enterprises uses Sepatons ContentAware architecture to deliver data de-duplication without affecting the backup window. The design of DeltaStor software enables the S2100-ES2 VTL to maintain up to 17.2TB/hour backup/restore performance by de-duplicating data outside of the primary data path, the spokesperson said.

The company claims that the DeltaStor will deliver up to a 50 to 1 de-duplication ratio for a typical mix of business application data such as e-mail, database and files. There is no limit on the backup set size that can be handled and DeltaStor software scales capacity up to 50PB in one appliance, the spokesperson said.

The S2100-DS2 DeltaStor Appliance for SMBs addresses the needs of customers who want to introduce data de-duplication ratios for longer online data retention cost effectively without impacting their production environment. The S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance is available with 7TB of physical usable storage that can protect up to 200TB of data after de-duplication in a 3u form factor.

The S2100-DS2 VTL can maintain up to 1 TB/hour backup/restore performance by de-duplicating data outside of the primary data path and claims up to a 25:1 de-duplication ratio for a typical mix of business application data such as files and e-mail, the spokesperson said. The appliance scales de-duplicated capacity up to 200TB in one box, the spokesperson said.

CitiStreet, a global-scale retirement plan service provider, uses Sepatons VTL and recently deployed its data de-duplication software to back up a wide range of advanced computer systems.

"Sepatons DeltaStor software combined with the S2100-DS2 allows us to realize all the advantages of disk-to-disk backup and recovery over tape systems like faster backup speeds, better performance and higher reliability," said Jeff Machols, vice president of global infrastructure and systems integration manager, Citistreet. "Combined with data de-duplication, we can extend those advantages by only storing uniquely changed data, thereby exponentially improving our data protection and online retention."

The S2100-ES2 Series 500 Virtual Tape Library, Sepatons flagship VTL features 4 Gb/sec. Fibre channel technology and is designed to enable backup/restores at up to 4800 MB/sec. Physical capacity now scales from 7TB to more than 1PB and with integrated hardware compression doubling these figures to 14TB to 2PB.

The DeltaStor de-duplication option enables scaling up to 50PB. Performance now scales up to 17.2 TB/hour per appliance. Other features include an Active Failover Option, which provides a hot standby for N+1 failover protection, and a Site2 option for replication.

The S2100-DS2 Virtual Tape Library is now available in 3.5TB and 7TB configurations. The S2100-DS2 design incorporates software compression to double these usable capacities to 7TB and 14TB.

Pricing and availability

All products are available now. The S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance is priced at $75,000 for up to 100TB of storage—a cost of 75 cents per GB. Pricing for the S2100-ES2 Series 500 VTL starts at $59,000. Pricing for the S2100-DS2 VTL starts at under $18,000. DeltaStor upgrades are also available for existing S2100 customers.

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