SiliconSystems Introduces Self-Monitoring Solid-State Drive

The SiSMART storage system monitoring technology helps users gauge the endurance of solid-state drives.

SiliconSystems this week rolled out its new SiSMART storage system monitoring and usage technology that gives manufacturers and OEMs the capability to help users forecast the lifespan of solid-state drives.

SiSMART will be incorporated into SiliconSystems entire SiliconDrive product portfolio beginning on Jan. 31.

SiSMART can monitor read/write activity on solid-state drives—which feature no moving or mechanical parts—allowing customers to determine where they are relative to endurance specifications. This paves the way for necessary adjustments and early preventative maintenance to avoid unscheduled downtime.

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The new SiSMART component also allows customers to build better usage models to define storage requirements by keeping track of how much data is being written, noted Gary Drossel, director of product marketing for SiliconSystems.

Designed to monitor the number of write cycles of every data transaction for a silicon drive product, SiSMART acts as a fuel gauge in terms of relevance toward the device endurance specification.

Previously, to eliminate unscheduled downtime due to exceeding endurance specifications, a customer would run the solid-state drive or solid-state storage product until it eventually failed.

Like mechanical hard drives, solid-state storage products and components do lose the ability to retain programmed data following up to thousands and millions of write/erase cycles.

Drossel said SiliconSystems will apply its SiSMART technology to enterprise-focused OEMs in vertical areas such as telecommunications, medical, industrial and interactive kiosks.

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