Smith Micro Launches Data Compression Software for Windows

Smith Micro releases StuffIt Deluxe 9.5, new data compression software that includes enhanced office integration and supports encrypted zip files.

Smith Micro Software announced Nov. 21 that it has launched its latest data compression software that will be able to reduce the size of JPEGs and allow users to be productive in a variety of management tasks.

The data compression software developer based in Aliso Viejo, Calif. has released StuffIt Deluxe 9.5 for Windows, which lets users compress and send photos through e-mail and schedule backups of recently updated files.

"StuffIts JPEG compression technology provides a new solution that offers smaller files without any penalty of reduced picture clarity," Matthew Covington, director of StuffIt product line, said in a release.

The data compression software allows users to reduce the size of JPEG photos by up to 30 percent without a loss in image quality and will give users the ability to reduce folders and files by up to 98 percent of their original size.

/zimages/2/28571.gifWinZip enhances image compression tasks. Click here to read more.

StuffIt 9.5 will also let users open encrypted Zip files using the 256-bit AES (advanced encryption standard) while also providing improved speeds for creating and expanding Zip and StuffIt archives.

As part of its encryption abilities, StuffIt 9.5 has the ability to encrypt an entire archive requiring a password to open and navigate through its contents. This allows users to keep their data safe from transmission and media errors.

The company said that users will be able to save, zip and send documents from various Microsoft platforms with a single click and they will also be able to set up backups to protect their data or hard disks.

Another feature of the StuffIt 9.5 is that it will be able to create a searchable index of any CD or DVD and can list all the files and contents of any archive stored on the disc.

This feature will allow users to search CDs and DVDs even when the discs are not inserted in the computer.

Users will also be protected from hidden viruses in compressed, archived or encoded files as StuffIt supports anti-virus software such as McAfee and Norton Antivirus to make sure that files are protected when they are expanded.

"Whether you store data securely in space-saving archives or safely send it to your friends or co-workers, StuffIt makes it easier and faster to backup and upload files and protect you from hidden viruses in compressed, archived or encoded files automatically," Covington said.

The data compression software is available now for $39.95.

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