Spectra Logic Adds to Its T950 Storage Offering

Spectra Logic will increase its Spectra T950 offering by adding an additional, optional expansion frame, allowing enterprises to store and protect large amounts of data.

Spectra Logic announced Dec. 18 that it will increase the storage capacity of its six-frame T950 storage offering by adding an additional, optional expansion frame.

This increase in storage capacity will enable enterprises to have the expansion room that is necessary to store and protect data by being able to add more slots or additional expansion frames as their data capacity requirements grow over time.

Molly Rector, vice president of marketing at the Boulder, Colo., company, told eWEEK that "The T950 was designed to easily expand by adding additional frames. So adding this sixth frame was already designed into the product capabilities."

The six-frame T950 uses a single robot to handle up to 7,450 tapes and 120 tape drives while scaling up to 9.6 petabytes of capacity.

The storage platform offers users a native throughput of 9,600MB per second using LTO-3 (linear tape open 3) drives, SAIT (super advanced intelligent tape), SDLT (super digital linear tape) or RXT (RAID exchangeable TeraPack) VTL (virtual tape library, allowing users to select the media or the combination of media that best fits their data protection needs.

The new storage offering from Spectra Logic is also integrated with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)-256-bit BlueScale Encryption capabilities, enabling users to back up, encrypt and compress data with advanced key management, all in a single unit.

"All of these critical business needs can be managed with a single management interface and only have the need for support contact when questions arise," Rector said in the same correspondence with eWEEK. "Releasing this expansion was directly due to customer demand and market need."

This storage product from Spectra Logic can also be set up as a VTL offering 894TB of integrated virtual tape using RXT, which allows IT managers to use disk and tape together in one unit.

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"The T950 is designed to expand to accommodate the enormous data growth that users are experiencing due to changing industry and government requirements that mandate longer data storage requirements," Rector said.

The six-frame T950 is available now and pricing begins at $160,000 for a six-frame unit.

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