Storage Digest: News from Imation, Overland Storage, Zantaz, Tandberg, Dot Hill, Fujitsu, Zimbra, EV

Fujitsu bases storage virtualization solution on Brocade Technology … Zimbra introduces open-source messaging server and client … EVault adds professional services … Dot Hill introduces new product architecture … Imation introduces dis

Imation introduces a disk-enhanced removable media cartridge and Overland Storage announces a RAID expansion array. Zantaz releases a new version of EAS while Tandberg introduces a tape library aimed at SMBs. Fujitsu announces a networked storage virtualization solution and an OEM agreement with Engenio. Zimbra introduces an open source messaging server and client and EVault adds professional services. Dot Hill introduces a new product architecture and CommVault supports Microsoft DPM.

  • Fujitsu Bases Storage Virtualization Solution on Brocade Technology; Announces OEM Agreement with Engenio

Fujitsu Computer Systems of Sunnyvale, Calif., has introduced a storage virtualization solution that will run on the Brocade SilkWorm Fabric Application Platform. The resulting product, the Eternus VS900, creates virtual disk space in an effort to improve storage utilization, and its common management platform helps simplify data migration and improve capacity management across storage systems. The Eternus VS900 network storage virtualization solution will be available beginning on December 1, 2005 in the United States.

Fujitsu also announced that it has entered into an OEM agreement with Engenio Information Technologies Inc. of Milpitas, Calif. Fujitsu plans to sell storage systems based on the Engenio 2882 controller technology, most commonly used to support applications like file serving, Web serving and email deployed on Windows servers.

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  • Zimbra Introduces Open Source Messaging Server and Client

Zimbra, a messaging vendor specializing in open source solutions, has announced a new messaging server and client built on open source technology that Satish Dharmaraj, CEO of the San Mateo, Calif., company, said will change the way people interact with email.

The multi-tiered Zimbra Collaboration Suite consists of a collaboration server on the back end that integrates search, archiving, discovery, anti-spam and anti-virus/security features into a messaging platform, while the front end consists of a thin Web client that allows users to glean more information from email. Examples include enabling users to see their schedule by focusing their cursor on a date or checking the status of a purchase order by placing their cursor over the number.

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  • EVault Adds Professional Services

EVault Inc. of Emeryville, Calif., has added several new professional services to its online data backup and recovery offerings.

EVault Data Protection Planning and Disaster Recovery Test services can help companies develop a more systematic approach to disaster recovery planning, and comes with onsite support to test, analyze and document results as well as providing targeted recommendations. The companys new Implementation Services help companies with analysis and planning, implementation, training, maintenance and support. EVaults new Educational Services include many classroom and hands-on training courses.

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  • Dot Hill Introduces New Product Architecture

Dot Hill Systems Corp. of Carlsbad, Calif., has announced a new product architecture designed to help OEMs more easily reconfigure storage systems from a modular platform.

The R/Evolution platform uses a single code base and hardware design in a modular format, enabling OEMs to choose the interface types they need on both the host and drive sides. OEMs also can choose from many management options, including Web, SMI-S (Storage Management Initiative Specification) SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and CLI (Common Language Infrastructure).

Other features of the R/Evolution architecture include a modular chassis system, drive density, a real-time operating system for running management applications and supporting non-disruptive updates, embedded intelligence and clustering capabilities, and Host Interface Modules.

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  • Imation Introduces Disk-Enhanced Removable Media Cartridge

Imation Corp. of Oakdale, Minn., has introduced a new "disks-as-tape" media cartridge that integrates a hard disk drive into a standard tape cartridge form factor for deployment in a tape library.

Dubbed Ulysses, the product is a SATA (Serial ATA) 2.5 inch disk drive in an LTO (Linear Tape Open) Ultrium cartridge for factor. The product is geared toward organizations that need faster tape automation in a disk-to-disk-to-tape solution. According to the company, a tape library using Ulysses can restore files up to 10 times faster than a tape-only library. Users can add more storage capacity upon demand and can tune or load balance the systems by adding more drives.

The product will be available by the end of the year.

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  • Overland Storage Introduces Expansion Array, Higher-Capacity REO Appliances

Overland Storage of San Diego, Calif., has announced the Overland REO 9000 Expansion Array, which allows users to add RAID 5 capacity to the companys REO 9000 backup and recovery appliance. The REO 9000 Expansion Array can add up to 28 TB of storage capacity to a REO 9000, allowing the REO 9000 to scale up to 38 TB.

The company also has announced new models of its REO 9000 line with 500GB SATA disk drives.

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  • Zantaz Upgrades EAS

Zantaz Inc. of Pleasanton, Calif., has announced the next version of its EAS (Enterprise Archive Solution) that offers several new features to help users more efficiently retain and manage data.

Zantaz EAS 4.2 now includes EAS Discovery, which allows users to pre-process data in the Zantaz EAS archive and put the data into packets, which can then become part of several different types of electronic discovery solutions.

The newest release is one more step toward creating a fully integrated IRDM (Information Retention and Discovery Management) solution. Once fully complete, EAS will offer a chain-of-custody throughout the discovery process, according to the company.

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  • Tandberg Announces New Tape Library Targeted at SMBs

Tandberg Data Corp. of Poway, Calif., has introduced a new 4U form factor tape library that offers 9.6TB to 19.2TB of storage.

The Tandberg S24 tape library has an integrated barcode reader and comes with SCSI, iSCSI or native fiber connectivity. A partitioning feature allows the unit to operate as two separate autoloaders.

Users can choose to buy the library with one drive using either LTO2 or LTO3 Ultrium technology and expand it on demand, making it a reasonable choice for small and mid-sized companies, according to chief operating officer Ken Cruden.

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  • CommVault Supports Microsoft DPM

CommVault of Oceanport, N.J., has announced that it will offer integrated support for Microsoft System Center DPM (Data Protection Manager) 2006 in CommVaults QiNetix Unified Data Management suite.

Enhancements to CommVaults product that increase integration with DPM include more application support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Active Directory data; protection the Microsoft DPM server itself; and enhancing the recovery capabilities of Microsoft DPM collected files protected by CommVault to any PC in the network without requiring restore through the DPM server.

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