Storage Digest: News from NetGear, Quantum, Symantec, Tandberg Data, NuView

NetGear introduces a new networked data storage device for the home and SOHO market … Quantum announces a modular tape automation platform … NuView introduces solution that speeds recovery time of disk-based backups … Tandberg Data introduc

NetGear has a new networked data storage device for the home and SOHO market while Quantum announces a modular tape automation platform. From NuView, theres a new solution that speeds recovery time of disk-based backup. Tandberg Data has a network backup appliance ready for SMBs and Symantec and Overland Storage have joined together to offer European SMBs storage solutions.
  • NetGear Introduces Networked Data Storage Device for Home, SOHO Markets

NetGear Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., has introduced a networked data storage device that aims to provide home and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) users with expandable storage.

Storage Central (SC101), which uses the Z-SAN IP network storage technology from Zetera Corp. of Irvine, Calif., protects data by mirroring it on two redundant drives. Users can link multiple units together to add capacity and can designate individual drive volumes as private, hidden or shareable with others.

By combining NetGear technology with that of Zetera, Storage Central allows users to move blocks of data from the Storage Central directly to the computer through a switch or router, said Zetera CEO Chuck Cortright.

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  • Quantum Announces Modular Tape Automation Platform

Quantum Corp. of San Jose, Calif., has introduced a modular midrange tape automation platform designed to be less complex and more expandable and scalable than other solutions in its class.

The PX500 Series provides independent rack mount systems of 4U, 10U and 18U, and users can mix-and-match rack density, capacity and performance. The PX500 Series was built on Quantums FlexLink scalability architecture, allowing the solution to meet an organizations changing needs on demand via infrared and self-alignment technology. The tape libraries also use Quantums secure remote monitoring and diagnostic tool to monitor the health of the units, predict possible failures and troubleshoot.

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  • Symantec, Overland Storage Join Forces to Penetrate European Midmarket

Symantec Corp. of Cupertino, Calif., and San Diego, Calif.-based Overland Storage Inc. have partnered to offer mid-sized companies throughout Europe with high-speed data backup and restore.

To penetrate the European midmarket, the two companies have bundled Symantecs BackupExec10 and Overlands REO series disk-based backup and recovery appliances. The combination of technologies will accelerate the speed of backup and recovery, enable instant restore, reduce back-up failures, and help organizations protect multiple servers simultaneously, said Helen Wood, mid-market sales director at Symantec.

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  • Tandberg Introduces Network Backup Appliance for SMBs

Tandberg Data Corp. of Poway, Calif., has introduced an easy-to-use network backup, archiving, recovery and restore appliance designed to help SMBs (small and midsized businesses) develop a data storage retention and disaster recovery solution.

InteliStor, which integrates Tandbergs InteliNAS device and StorageLoader LTO2 with Symantecs BackupExec software and Windows Storage Server 2003, is available in 1U form factors of 1.6TB, 1.0TB and 480GB. The product is designed to be quickly deployed, easy to administer and reasonably priced.

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  • NuView Introduces Data on Demand Manager NuView Inc. of Houston plans to release a software-based solution that speeds recovery time from disk-based backups later this month.

During a server failure, DDM (Data on Demand Manager) automatically creates smaller files of the replicated data on the new primary server and provides users with near real-time access to data. Administrators also can use DDM to restore failed systems to a specific point in time quickly and reduces the time required to migrate data from old files servers to NAS (network attached storage devices).

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