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Storage Networking World

Copan’s Renee Rogge (left) and Paul Hicks (right) show off the companys new pluggable disk array. The device slides into a larger enclosure and holds 14 drives. Only a portion of the installed spindles are powered up at one time.

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Storage Networking World - The Copan Enclosure

Each of the 32 array devices you see in this photo is carrying 14 disk drives. Copan calls this a MAID, which means “Massive Array of Idle Disks.” The company said that its designed for massive data repositories.

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Storage Networking World - Part of a Trend

Intransas IP storage solutions are one answer to a rapidly growing demand for devices that can be managed by your existing IT staff. These devices are designed for easy expansion.

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Storage Networking World - Virtually There

3PARdata shows off its virtual storage infrastructure. The company uses highly tiered virtual storage to give customers the performance and flexibility they need. A company representative said you can order these appliances in colors other than yellow. On

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Storage Networking World - Secure Storage

Thales e-Security makes security appliances that can protect and encrypt stored data and data in transit. The DataCryptor is designed for low latency and high speeds.

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Storage Networking World - OEM Storage

Rasilient Systems makes enterprise-class storage devices. The devices show up in the market throughout the channel, but probably not with the Rasilient name.

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Storage Networking World - Consumer Tech Moves Up

Netgear is showing a new line of storage solutions aimed at small and midsize enterprises. While the companys products were originally aimed at users, the new line is targeted at business users who cant afford (or dont want to afford) high-end enterpri

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Storage Networking World - Swag Stand

Xiotech shows its Magnitude series of storage appliances. In this case, the appliance rack doubles as a stand for attendee giveaways. Xiotech provides data protection and archiving along with data storage and data discovery support.

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Storage Networking World - New Appliances

Longtime controller maker Adaptec shows its line of storage appliances. The company bought Snap a few years ago and now includes its own software in the devices. Shown here are two 700-series iSCSI devices and a 600 series NAS (network-attached storage) d

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Storage Networking World - Flash in the Pan

RamSan 400 from Texas Memory System uses flash memory in a massive cache. By using flash memory for extremely fast storage, the company claims the RamSan is the fastest storage appliance available. While its not the only solid-state storage appliance, it

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Storage Networking World - VAR Storage

iStor Networks makes a line of storage appliances for the channel, including the iS325, shown here. The company specializes in block-based RAID devices.

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Storage Networking World - Promises, Promises

Promise Technology is showing its new line of RAID-based appliances. The company has been making storage products for nearly two decades, and the new appliances support both SAS and SATA.

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Storage Networking World - Storage Sumo

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies brings some weight into the ring as it introduces its new line of UltraStor hard disks featuring higher performance and capacity in a smaller size.

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