Storage News Digest: 13-Jan-03

Vendor Pushes Disk Backup Over Tape ... EMC Sharpens its Storage Focus ... Taiwan Optical Disc Makers Post Rising December Revenues ... Data-Storage Stocks Face Barriers ... Sonic Solutions Completes Acquisition of VERITAS' Desktop and Mobile Division.

Enterprise Storage

Vendor Pushes Disk Backup Over Tape

At the RBC Capital Markets SAN Conference last week, another storage vendor made the scene with its own approach toward using disk as a replacement for tape backup. Alacritus Software is attempting to knock tape out of its position as king of the backup media hill with a new product called Securitus. Securitus is a system of disks that appears to be a tape library to the network, a feature commonly referred to as tape emulation. "Tape prices have declined steadily, but disk drive [prices] have declined more rapidly," said Don Trimmer, Alacritus co-founder and strategic officer.

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EMC Sharpens its Storage Focus

In the current challenging economy, EMC, a leader in the field of storing and managing information, is engaged in a battle to stay on top and leverage more revenue from software rather than hardware in its rapidly changing market. CTO Mark Lewis met with InfoWorld News Editor Mark Jones and Reporter Scott Shafer to discuss EMCs commitment to storage as a core competency, recent innovations in storage management, and his take on grid computing.

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Personal Storage

Taiwan Optical Disc Makers Post Rising December Revenues

Three leading Taiwan-based optical discs makers posted growing monthly sales in December, thanks to the continuing $0.01 monthly rise in CD-R disc prices. Full-year revenues, however, declined year-on-year, hurt by falling prices during most of the year amid global oversupply from Taiwanese, South Korean and Indian companies. Looking ahead, DVD+R discs will be the major battleground this year. At present, Ritek is the dominant supplier, holding a 78% market share in the third quarter of last year, according to Fujiwara FRLQ Report, a research firm.

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Storage Business

Data-Storage Stocks Face Barriers

For much of the 1990s, investors handsomely rewarded storage companies for their efforts. EMC, the hardware leader, was one of the best-performing stocks of the decade. With the collapse of the tech bubble in 2000, storage companies fell out of favor, and their stock prices plummeted. Lately, there have been some glimmers of life. John M. A. Roy, storage analyst at Merrill Lynch, spoke with the New York Times about the prospects for the industry.

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Sonic Solutions Completes Acquisition of VERITAS Desktop and Mobile Division

Sonic Solutions announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of the Desktop and Mobile Division ("DMD") of VERITAS Software Corporation. The addition of DMDs CD and DVD-ROM applications enables Sonic to offer its OEM customers the broadest DVD product line with Audio CD/DVD-ROM, PC Backup, Video CD and DVD-Video. Sonic is a full voting member of the DVD Forum, the standards-setting body for the DVD format.

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