Storage News Digest: 19-Dec-02

Egenera blade server gains NAS support ... New struggle over DVD standards ... Storage on a budget ... Belluzzo talks Quantum.

Enterprise Storage

Egenera Server Cuts into NAS

Blade server startup Egenera Inc. has added NAS support for its Linux-based BladeFrame server—now able to support both SAN and NAS connectivity in the same chassis. This move shows the steady convergence of NAS and SAN, a trend thats allowing enterprises to build more flexible and adaptable storage networks. Specifically, Egenera now supports the Network File System (NFS) protocol, which is used in Unix environments, as part of its current Version 2.1 software release.

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Personal Storage

New Battle for DVD Recording Standards

While optical storage companies such as LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics and AV makers, have favored DVD RAM, theyve now started developing DVD+RW modes, opening a new phase in a fight over the DVD rewritable standards. Complicating matters, the Japanese, American and European camps are touting incompatible technologies.

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Storage Business

Boosting Storage on a Shoestring

Investments in storage infrastructures, which typically require significant capital outlays, are especially difficult to justify in todays uncertain economic climate. But its time to stop sweating over the business justification and face the fact that proposed investments in storage infrastructures just wont get funded now. The ROI simply isnt immediate enough for todays investment-shy executives. Heres how to improve your companys storage situation with zero money down.

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Belluzzo Discusses Quantum Data Protection, Microsoft Storage Strategy

Richard Belluzzo, who stepped down as president and COO of Microsoft in May, resurfaced Sept. 3 as CEO at Quantum. CRN talked to Belluzzo about his plans for Quantum and the companys relationship with his former employer.

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