Storage News Digest: 23-Dec-02

IBM preps open-source storage ... McData packs in the ports ... Benq releases three storage products ... MET Technology to brand its own DVD+RW player ... Tiny Sony Storage Vault to pack 256MB ... Storage Area Networks company racks up government sales.

Enterprise Storage

IBM Plans Open-Source Storage Strategy

IBM will release an open-source version of its forthcoming "Storage Tank" technology. Big Blue is working with an undisclosed open-source group on the software and will release the code when the product is generally available in 2003. Storage Tank is a technology designed to get more use out of existing storage systems and make them easier to manage. With Storage Tank, existing systems can be linked, so vaster amounts of data can be stored. IBMs goal is for the system to control as many as a billion files.

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McData Packs in the Ports

McData Corp. has revealed key milestones on its product roadmap, which includes new higher-port-count Fibre Channel fabric switches and a 10-Gbit/s blade for its line of FC directors. McData plans to introduce 48- and 64-port Sphereon fabric switches in 2004. In addition, the company is looking to deliver a 10-Gbit/s blade for its Intrepid directors in late 2003 or the first half of 2004. This would provide a more scaleable option for customers to implement high-speed interswitch links

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Personal Storage

Benq Banqs On Storage Prods

Major Taiwanese manufacturer Benq is introducing three storage products. The Benq 5224P, it claims, can read and write at 52X and rewrite at 24X. The Benq 1650P is a DVD and CD reader which the firm claims will read CAV DVD at 16X and CDs at 58X. Lastly the Benq Combo 1232 combines a DVD reader and a CD-RW, with a write speed of 32X and rewrite of 10X. DVD reading speed is 12X and CD reading 40X.

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MET Technology to Make DVD+RW Player in 1Q 2003

MET Technology, Ricohs Taiwan distributor, will begin volume production of DVD+RW players under its own-brand in the first quarter of next year. The DVD+RW player, which incorporates a TV tuner and MPEG-4 decoder, reads at 4x and will cost more than the $65 price for DVD+RW drives the company quotes clients. The DVD+RW format is backed by Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

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Storage Vault Packs 256MB

Sony is readying a keychain-size storage device that connects via USB 2.0. The new Micro Vault will come in four capacities, starting with a $60, 32MB unit. Sony estimates that it takes 4.5 minutes to fill the $200, 256MB Micro Vault, its highest-capacity model, when connected to a USB 1.1 port. With USB 2.0, however, the time drops to just under one minute.

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Storage Business

Storage Area Networks Company Notches Government Wins

Storage Area Networks has notched orders from two new federal agencies, totaling more than $5 million. The agencies were not named. The company also believes it will win several more projects when Congress reconvenes to vote on the budget for the coming fiscal year. Earlier this year, the company added staff in Washington, D.C., so it could pursue government clients more aggressively.

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