Storage News Digest: 29-Jan-03

IP Storage Standard Set to Roll ... Object-Based Storage Devices ... Memorex Debuts 4X DVD and 24X CD-RW Media ... Good Things in Storage.

Enterprise Storage

IP Storage Standard Set to Roll

The long-delayed iSCSI standard is set to gain Internet Engineering Task Force approval within weeks, which means its "put up or shut up" time for vendors that have cited its incompleteness as justification for failing to support the IP storage specification in their arrays. Despite a flurry of iSCSI-related activity by secondary players last week, the wholesale deployment of next-generation storage technology will remain dampened until system vendors such as EMC and HP implement iSCSI-enabled arrays, experts say. Only IBM and Eurologic have incorporated iSCSI into their arrays.

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Object-Based Storage Devices

Object-based storage carries the promise of smart arrays that manage their own data. In one method, intelligence is added to the storage device in order to offload low-level storage management tasks traditionally handled by the operating system, such as mapping files to actual storage blocks on the disk drive and managing file attributes and other associated metadata. The T10 Technical Committee, which is part of the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), is working on a specification for object-based storage, called Object-Based Storage Devices (OSD). OSD turns files, directories and storage-related elements into objects that storage management software accesses using an extended SCSI-3 command set.

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Personal Storage

Memorex Debuts 4X DVD and 24X CD-RW Media

Memorex has announced 4x DVD and CD-RW 24X Ultra-Speed media. The 4x DVD media is available in DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-R formats. The media is backward-compatible (by format) and compatible with the next generation of DVD burners. It will be in stores later this quarter. Memorex CD-RW Ultra Speed media is designed to work with 16X to 24X rewrite speeds. CD-RW Ultra Speed media will be in various retail outlets this month at a suggested retail price of $7.99 for a package of five discs

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Storage Business

Good Things in Storage

War fears and constant fretting over the outlook for IT spending have drained value from enterprise storage companies lately. But as earnings season grinds on, Emulex and QLogic -- companies that sell a storage product called a host bus adapter, or HBA -- are emerging as potentially interesting plays. And even in these days of ultra-skinny IT budgets, spending on network storage is likely to go up, while competition in the HBA space goes down. A December survey of chief information officers by Morgan Stanley found that network storage is the No. 1 budget priority for 2003. Fully half of those respondents said they will increase storage spending at least moderately, and 16% said spending would rise "sharply."

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