Storage News Digest: Sony Unveils Portable WiFi Data Server

Regis McKenna Advises Storage Vendors ... HP Blade Servers Integrate QLogic's SAN Connectivity Technology ... Sony Unveils Portable WiFi Data Server ... EMC Considers Drawing On Storage Software VARs For Channel Effort

Enterprise Storage

Marketing Guru Regis McKenna Advises Storage Vendors on New Technologies, Interoperability and Marketing

"Start small and build," advises high-tech marketing legend Regis McKenna to new storage companies in an interview with Storage Networking World Online. He said IT companies need to focus more on assuring the success of their initial users or beta sites. "The marketplace is much more complex today, and while the total markets are getting bigger, the opportunities are few and competition intense" McKenna will be a keynote speaker at the Spring Storage Networking World conference in Scottsdale, AZ, April 14-17.

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QLogics Fibre Down Technology Integrated in HP Blade Servers for SAN Connectivity

QLogic Corp. today announced that its "Fibre Down" technology has been integrated into Hewlett Packards ProLiant BL p-Class blade servers. The company said the technology helps enable robust heterogeneous storage area network (SAN) support, and increases the storage expansion capabilities of blade servers by providing reliable, high-bandwidth long distance connectivity to Fibre Channel SANs. An integration of single-chip Fibre Channel host bus adapters onto blade servers, Fibre Down is designed to enable the deployment of blade server farms in data centers.

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Personal Storage

Sony Debuts Handheld WiFi Data Server

Sony this week in Japan unveiled a Linux-based handheld file server that connects to personal computers and PDAs via IEEE 802.11b. The FSV-PGX1, which was announced by Sony on Tuesday, includes a 20GB 2.5-inch hard disk drive of which 17GB is available for user storage. Up to 250 users can connect to and access files stored on the internal disk drive, Sony said. The device supports access via FTP (file transfer protocol), CIFS (Common Internet File System) and NFS (Network File System). The portable server requires AC power to operate although it provides an internal battery for back-ups on the go.

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Storage Business

EMC Considers Adding Storage Software VARs to its Channel Mix

EMC Vice President of Global Channels Greg Ambulos said Tuesday that the enterprise storage company may bring storage software solution providers on board to complement its current channel. The storage software channel players EMC is looking at will be "complementary to the solution providers that are in hand today," he said. "We want to be able to go to market with the right solution providers that provide the ability for EMC to be able to scale as it pertains to our network storage strategy, and software is going to play a significant role in that."

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