Storage News Digest: Will Microsoft Shake Up NAS Market?

Windows 2003 Server and NAS 3.0 to Challenge Network Appliance ... Samsung Announces Slim and Lightweight CD-R/DVD Combo Drive ... Samsung Announces Slim and Lightweight CD-R/DVD Combo Drive ... One Year Hard Drive Warranties Seemingly a Flop in Market ..

Enterprise Storage

Windows 2003 Server and NAS 3.0 To Challenge Network Appliance

Will Microsoft give Network Appliance a run for its money when it releases Windows 2003 Server and Windows Powered Network Attached Storage (NAS) 3.0 later this year? According to prominent analyst Ashok Kumar of Piper Jaffray, Microsofts offerings represent a serious challenge to Network Appliances crown jewels. "As vendors like Dell integrate Windows 2003 technology in their NAS products, Network Appliance will find it increasingly difficult to sell into the higher growth Windows environment," Kumar wrote in a research note this week. Other industry analysts, however, dont appear to be as concerned about the Microsoft threat. "Microsofts new NAS OS does have some features that will enable their OEMs to start selling into the enterprise, however these new features should only enable them to compete in the mid-range, and not at the high end," said Nancy Marrone, senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group. "There may be a slight impact to NetApp in the mid-range, and that will depend on how much support the OEMs give to the new features," she said.

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Personal Storage

Samsung Announces Slim and Lightweight CD-R/DVD Combo Drive

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its SU-408 CD-R/DVD-ROM combo drive for notebook computers. Company officials claimed it is the lightest and slimmest optical drive to date. The SU-408 is 9.5mm thick, 25 percent thinner than drives generally available in the market, and weighs 145 grams, 35 percent less than the 220 grams for conventional models. The company said the unit is in production right now. However, the introduction date and shipment volume projection are not available at this time.

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One Year Hard Drive Warranties Seemingly A Flop In Market

According to an INQUIRER report, sales of hard drives through distribution channels show that drives with a one year warranty are lagging in sales. Seagate, for example, offers both one year and three year warranties through its distributors, but the price difference between these has now narrowed to such an extent that difference is only one US dollar or so. Other hard drive manufacturers are showing similar prices for both their one year and three year warranties sales.

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Storage Business

Adaptec Trims Workforce By 11 Percent To Save Cash

Adaptec said Friday it will cut 165 jobs, an 11 percent reduction, to save money and boost its financial performance. The job cuts will cost the company about $7 million, Adaptec said. The company also said fiscal fourth-quarter results will be similar to the preceding three months.

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