Storage Startup Cohesity Launches Remote Office Platform

Using this package, data can be consolidated and replicated to a central data center for disaster recovery and long-term retention.


Cohesity, which specializes in hyperconverged secondary storage and claims to be a pioneer in that sector, on Feb. 14 released a new version of its platform that's aimed specifically at enterprise remote and branch offices.

Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition and Cohesity C2100 Hyperconverged Node, when used with Cohesity DataProtect, offers an independent, integrated software-only backup package that deploys on VMware vSphere for remote or branch office locations. It can be run on commodity storage hardware.

Using this package, data can be consolidated and replicated to a central data center for disaster recovery and long-term retention using Cohesity's intelligent, web-scale storage system. As a result, Cohesity claims that DataPlatform VE provides the first integrated data protection solution that deploys from the edge to the data center to the cloud with a common feature-set and management interface.

DataPlatform VE can improve the capabilities of the company's hyperconverged secondary storage platform by providing consistent management of data protection and backup workloads across all sizes and types of locations—including remote offices, regional data centers, core data centers and public clouds, Cohesity said.

Cohesity DataPlatform VE eliminates the need to provision any new hardware in the remote or branch offices and can be remotely installed and administered without requiring on-site support, which is often in short supply at remote offices.

The four-year-old, Santa Clara, Calif.-based company also released an entry-level hardware configuration that extends the reach of its data protection coverage for branch office or regional data center deployments. The C2100 entry-level hyperconverged node with Cohesity DataPlatform Standard Edition provides a dedicated data protection solution designed for environments with multiple server hosts and storage, Cohesity said.

With the addition of these products, enterprises have the means to simplify the management of remote office backups, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, Cohesity said.

Cohesity was founded by ex-Googler and former Nutanix CTO Mohit Aron. Cohesity Virtual Edition will be available to customers in May 2017, the company said.

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