Storage Web Digest: Adaptec Puts Stake in iSCSI Ground with Patent Claim

Adaptec Puts Stake in iSCSI Ground with Patent Claim ... SNIA Audit Warns of Disaster in Disaster Planning ... NEC Debuts All-In-One Set-Top Chip ... Storage Software Market Softening?

Enterprise Storage

Adaptec Puts Stake in iSCSI Ground with Patent Claim

Adaptec last week notified the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)s IP Storage working group that the company may own intellectual property pertaining to the iSCSI specification. While Adaptecs claims may only apply narrowly to a certain implementation of iSCSI, it could nonetheless be a fly in the ointment as the first standards-compliant iSCSI products start hitting the market in the next few months. Adaptec said its patent application describes "a method and process for calculating a CRC on data received out of order without having to store and assemble the data." CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is an error-checking technique used to guarantee the accuracy of data transmissions.

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SNIA Audit Warns of Disaster in Disaster Planning

Of the 100 storage professionals who responded to a recent Storage Networking Industry Association Europe survey, more than half identified disaster recovery and back-up as being of greatest concern. At the same time, only 20 indicated that they tested their disaster recovery plan every six months, while 32 ran tests only once a year. For back-up and restore, 41 respondents carried out planned testing every six months, with another quarter performing the task annually. "The results show at best a patchy adherence to acknowledged best practice, which might shock some but will come as no surprise to most of those with frontline experience," the report said.

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Personal Storage

NEC Debuts All-In-One Set-Top Chip

NEC unveiled a new all-in-one chip that can act as a digital video broadcast decoder as well as record video to either a DVD or a hard disk. The new uPD61171 chip routes the data streams that flow from digital sources and performs various digital decoding, compression and decompression tasks. The chip performs high-speed data conversion between hard disk and DVD drives and enables consumers to use several record and replay functions including time shift, record and playback of different channels, according to NEC. The chip supports up to four drives through its dual-ATA feature.

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Storage Business

Storage Software Market Softening?

The worldwide storage management software market reported its first annual decline last year, industry analysts said last week. The market generated license revenues of $4.7 billion in 2002, representing a 6 per cent decline compared with 2001, according to analyst group Gartner.

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