Storage Web Digest: Adaptec Unleashes Serial ATA RAID Controllers ... and More

Adaptec Unleashes Serial ATA RAID Controllers ... Night (and Day) of the Living DDS-DAT ... Content-Based Backup Can Cut PC Storage Needs ... Veritas Restates Losses, Discloses Other Deals

Enterprise Storage

Adaptec Unleashes Serial ATA RAID Controllers

Adaptec this week launched a family of Serial ATA (SATA) products, including logic board solutions and RAID cards. The company said it is working with major disk drive makers, resellers and original equipment manufacturers to drive the adoption of the Serial ATA interface. Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 1210SA is a 2-port card that brings RAID and up to 1.5 Gigabit-per-second performance to workstations and smaller servers. The 1210SA features Adaptecs HostRAID mirroring and striping technology. Adaptec also introduced SATAConnect, a 2-port controller with transfer speeds of up to 1.5 Gigabits per second for desktop PCs for consumers. SATAConnect serves as a connection to hard drives to enhance access to bandwidth-heavy applications.

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Night (and Day) of the Living DDS-DAT

HP and Seagate will revive the popular DDS-DAT mid-range tape technology. Showing at CeBIT, the updated version is called DDS Generation 5 and stores 72GB of compressed data per cassette. Gen 5 offers the same speed as DDS-4, according to Ken MacDonald, European sales manager for OEM storage at HP. "We could have made it faster by the end of this year, but our customers said they wanted capacity now rather than speed later," he said. The slight name change from DDS-5 to DDS Gen 5 is due to Sony, which owns the DDS logo as well as the rival AIT tape technology, and is the only DDS-DAT supplier not to introduce Gen 5 products.

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Personal Storage

Content-Based Backup Can Cut PC Storage Needs

A new breed of content-based backup technology can back up e-mail and application data on individual PCs without requiring huge amounts of storage space on a server. The idea is simple: if a file exists in several places, you only store one copy of it. This applies whether the file is a common Microsoft program, or a shared corporate document. Plus, when a file is altered, you only backup the changes. Connecteds DataProtector technology has been used for several years in remote backup services such as NetStore, as it allows a PC to be backed up over a modem link. "Lots of files are redundant, and eliminating those reduces the amount to backup by 95%, which makes it affordable," said Bob Brennan, Connecteds chairman and CEO.

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Storage Business

Veritas Restates Losses, Discloses Other Deals

Veritas Software this week restated $20 million it had improperly booked as revenue in a software and advertising deal with America Online, while also reporting new transactions with two additional companies. In a 139-page filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Veritas said it uncovered fresh deals with two unnamed firms that involved $977,000 in accounting problems during 2000. While declining to name the companies, Veritas restated revenue from those deals, which involved "software licenses and the purchase of on-line advertising services," according to the SEC filing. In some deals with Northern Virginia-based AOL, Veritas and other companies may have inflated revenue by exchanging significant amounts of cash that were considerably above the actual value of products sold, sources familiar with the matter said. "The fair value of the goods and services purchased and sold in the AOL transactions could not be reasonably determined," Veritas told the SEC.

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