Storage Web Digest: FalconStor and Network Engines Team for Backup Appliance

Virtual Tape Library Appliance powered by IPStor due later this quarter. LTO Format Hits Diamond Status I/OMagic Introduces USB Floppy Drive with Built-in Media Reader Taiwan's Q2 Optical Storage Production

Enterprise Storage

LTO Format Hits Diamond Status

A group of companies backing the Linear Tape-Open format, last week announced that more than 10 million LTO Ultrium format tape cartridges—with a combined capacity of 2,000 petabytes—have shipped worldwide since September 2000. The LTO Ultrium format is bucking the tape storage industry trend as shipments of cartridges continue growing up to 20 percent quarter over quarter since 2002. Additionally, the LTO Program announced that 350,000 LTO Ultrium tape drives have shipped since September 2000.

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FalconStor and Network Engines Team for Virtual Tape Backup Appliance

FalconStor Software Inc. and storage hardware manufacturer Network Engines Inc. last week announced its Virtual Tape Library Appliance powered by IPStor. The appliance increases the speed and reliability of existing third-party backup applications by using disks to emulate industry standard tape libraries. Remote vaulting and off-site tape storage can be performed using the VTL Appliance to provision virtual tape media and libraries over an IP network. Available later in the quarter, the $15,900 VTL Appliance can also be configured in pairs, ensuring end-to-end path, appliance and storage high-availability for non-stop backup and restore operations.

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Personal Storage

I/OMagic Introduces USB Floppy Drive with Built-in Media Reader

I/OMagic Corp. a last week introduced its DataStation, a USB 1.1 external floppy drive with integrated media reader. Offered in the retail channel, the card reader supports Compact Flash, PCMCIA-ATA, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO and Smart Media.

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Storage Business

Q2 Shipments Up, Value Down for Taiwans Optical Storage Production

Taiwans production of optical storage drives declined in value in the second quarter of this year from a year earlier despite growing shipments, according to the Market Intelligence Center. The decline in production value was mainly caused by falling average selling prices, as mature products like CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives still accounted for the majority of shipments by Taiwan-based companies in the second quarter. The situation is expected to improve this quarter with the introduction of new products with relatively high prices, including DVD-RW, DVD+RW and combo drives.

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