Storage Web Digest: HP Readies New Low-Cost NAS

Hewlett-Packard plans to unveil a new low-cost NAS appliance next week at the Microsoft Tech Ed conference MicronPC Enters RAID Storage Market Startups Must Take iSCSI Lead Drive Makers Refute Taiwan Hard Dr

Enterprise Storage

HP Readies New Low-Cost NAS

Hewlett-Packard plans to unveil a new low-cost NAS appliance next week at the Microsoft Tech Ed conference. The StorageWorks NAS1000s appliance is expected to include snapshot, data replication and volume expansion capability. It will be aimed at both small businesses and companies with remote offices where multiple NAS1000s appliances can replicate to a single centralized NAS, such as an HP b3000 or e7000, the company said. The 320GB version of the NAS1000s is expected to carry a list price of $2,999; the 640GB model, $4,999; and the 1TB model, $6,999.

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MicronPC Enters RAID Storage MarketMicronPC (MPC), a Gores Technology Group company, this week entered the storage market with the DataFRAME 310fc and DataFRAME 310s RAID storage products. "With our new storage products, we are able to bring customers the benefits of our direct model infrastructure and offer a better value than is available in the market today," Mike Adkins, President and CEO said. The DataFRAME 310 offers 2Gbps fibre channel performance, scalable to over 16TB total storage and comes with the Spheras Storage Director web-based management software. The DataFRAME 310s is a similar system using SCSI interface.

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Startups Must Take iSCSI Lead

An emerging storage protocol, supported by industry heavyweights like IBM, Cisco Systems, and EMC promises to make SANs available to small and medium-size businesses. But analysts warn that until smaller startup vendors prove that there really is a market for iSCSI, vendors like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and EMC will be reluctant to fully support it in their product line. "The startups are the leaders because the startups are the ones that are out there today," said Larry Boucher, the CEO of Alacratech, speaking at IDCs StorageVIsion conference in San Jose, California, last week. "They are the ones who are going to pull the big guys into this business." The market for iSCSI arrays was $12 million last year, according to IDC, but the research firm predicts that it will rapidly grow to the point where the larger companies will take notice, hitting $4.9 billion by 2007.

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Personal Storage

Drive Makers Refute Taiwan Hard Drive Recall Report

Seagate this week denied a DigiTimes report that the company recalled some of its 40GB and 80GB hard drives sold in Taiwan. "There is no recall of Seagate 40GB and 80GB products, manufactured in China or in any other of our facilities," said Woody Monroy, head of corporate communications at Seagate. Representatives at Maxtor and Hitachi also said there is no recall and that the companies do not manufacture hard drives in China.

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Fujitsu Aims Mobile Drives at Rack Server Space

Fujitsu this week introduced 2.5-inch mobile drives featuring 5,400-rpm speed in a 9.5mm-high form factor. The new drives are aimed at the white-box and OEM mobile PC makers as well as for use with high-density blade servers, said Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing at Fujitsu. The drives are available in 40GB, 60GB, and 80GB capacities. Samples of the new drives are expected to be available this summer, according to the company.

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Storage Business

Solid Growth in Solid-State Storage Market

Intense competition between NAND flash memory suppliers has lowered costs and stimulated consumer adoption of removable solid-state storage. Worldwide removable solid-state storage revenue totaled $2.13 billion in 2002, a 72.9 percent increase from 2001 revenue of $1.23 billion, according to Gartner. Compact Flash takes the No. 1 spot in the format race.

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