Storage Web Digest: iSCSI and Microsoft Exchange Backup Well Together

iSCSI and Microsoft Exchange Backup Well Together ... SARS Scare Boosts Demand for CD-R Discs ... Sun Reveals Storage Division Performance ... Adaptec Continues to Invest $4 Million In India Centers

Enterprise Storage

iSCSI and Microsoft Exchange Backup Well Together

Spectra Logic recently conducted a benchmark test that, according to the tape library manufacturer, shows iSCSI backup performance is essentially equal to Fibre Channel in terms of performance for Microsoft Exchange database backups. At 33 MB per second for iSCSI and 35 MB per second for Fibre Channel, the results validate expectations that iSCSI presents an important new opportunity for IT organizations to implement storage consolidation at a fraction of the cost of Fibre Channel. Spectra Logics engineers simulated a realistic customer environment by performing a hot backup operation of a Microsoft Exchange 2000 database. The database was first backed up over a Gigabit Ethernet network using iSCSI and then repeated over a 1-Gigabit Fibre Channel SAN.

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Personal Storage

SARS Scare Boosts Demand for CD-R Discs

Demand for CD-R discs grew recently as distributors increased inventories amid worries that the SARS epidemic might slow supply. First-tier optical disc makers in Taiwan usually see low demand for 24x and 32x discs compared to those with higher speeds. But due to tight supply, customers are willing to take 24x and 32x discs with prices just $0.01 lower than those for 48x and 52x discs, according to a DigiTimes report.

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Storage Business

Sun Reveals Storage Division Performance

Sun Microsystems this week revealed for the first time the financial performance of its storage division. According to a quarterly reported filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Suns revenue dramatically declined when the high spending of the Internet boom years ended in 2000, while storage revenue shrank slightly less than its most significant product line--servers. In fiscal 2000, storage products accounted for $2.4 billion, or 18 percent of the companys $13.4 billion total product revenue. In fiscal 2002, the $1.7 billion in storage revenue was 19 percent of the $9.1 billion total product revenue.

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Adaptec Continues to Invest $4 Million In India Centers

Adaptec will invest $4 million during the current fiscal year to expand its Hyderabad and Bangalore development centers in India. "This is in addition to $3.2 million investments made during the last few months," said A S Raghunath, Adaptecs India managing director. Part of the investment will go to setting up of a compatibility lab to test the companys products before their worldwide launch, Raghunath said. The Indian development centers develop firmware software and assist Adaptec in developing key blocks for its product range in the areas of SAN and IP Storage connectivity. The centers also help with marketing products in Asia Pacific.

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