Storage Web Digest: Lucent, McData Target Data Centers

The new product suite combines Lucent's new OptiStar EdgeSwith 2 with McData's core-to-edge storage networking line. Sony Final Fantasy XI for PlayStation 2 to Require Hard Drive Storage Start-Up Acopia Rakes in $30 Millio

Enterprise Storage

Lucent, McData Target Data Centers

Lucent and McData will jointly develop offerings for enterprise and service-provider data centers. The new product suite combines Lucents new OptiStar EdgeSwith 2.0, an integrated optical IP and storage router, with McDatas core-to-edge storage networking line. It addresses business continuity, disaster recovery, remote storage management and outsourced storage as well as enables high storage application performance over regional to intercontinental distances. Financial terms of the pact between the companies were not disclosed.

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Personal Storage

PlayStation 2s Final Fantasy XI to Require Hard Drive

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced this week information about FINAL FANTASY XI, the highly anticipated new installment to the world-renowned FINAL FANTASY series, available on PlayStation platforms since 1997. FINAL FANTASY XI utilizes the Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem)(for PlayStation 2) and the upcoming internal 40GB hard disk drive (for PlayStation 2) to allow players to connect online, either via broadband or dial-up connection, and join in a truly "persistent world" that keeps evolving, growing and developing, even when gamers are not playing.

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Storage Business

Storage Start-Up Acopia Rakes in $30 Million

Acopia Networks, a start-up chaired by networking visionary Cheng Wu, hauled in an additional $30 million in funding this week for its Adaptive Resource switching technology. Acopias funding is now at a total of $40 million and was received from STAR Ventures, St. Paul Venture Capital, Charles River Ventures, Accel Partners and Cheng Wu. Little is known about the company or its products, except that it is working on an application-intelligent switch for enterprise data centers—a switch that joins servers, storage and networking gear together and balances traffic among them to provide efficient network operations.

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Cobalt could increase information storage density

A pan European team of physicists has measured the largest ever magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE). The finding will contribute to the design of new magnetic materials for information storage. Over 100,000 atoms are currently needed to create a stable magnet for use in a hard disk. Using the new technique, however, the MAE of cobalt is so high that only a few hundred atoms would be needed, thus enabling a significant increase in storage density.

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