Storage Web Digest: NEC and Toshiba show Advanced Optical Disc Drives at CeBIT and More

JVC, Focus Team Up for New Direct-to-Edit Digital Video Storage Solution ... Blue Laser Storage to Find a Place in the PC ... Martian NetDrive Offers Wireless File Sharing ... Survey Gung Ho for Storage Management Products

Enterprise Storage

JVC, Focus Team Up for New Direct-to-Edit Digital Video Storage Solution

Focus Enhancements this week announced that it is partnering with JVC to bring to market the JVC DR-DV5000. The new device is a Direct-to-Edit (DTE) digital video recording system. The DR-DV5000 recorder will mount between a camcorder and its battery system. The DTE will use Focus own proprietary recording process also used in its FireStore DV disk recorders. DTE enables video to be recorded directly to hard disk via FireWire rather than to tape first, with audio, video and time code intact. The system will record up to four and a half hours on a 60GB drive, the company said.

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Personal Storage

Blue Laser Storage to Find a Place in the PC

NEC and Toshiba unveiled the first prototypes of desktop computer drives based on Advanced Optical Disc, a next-generation blue-laser based format that supports storage of 20GB of data on a 4.7-inch disc. The drives, unveiled this week at the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany, included a working prototype at the NEC booth and a non-working prototype at the Toshiba booth. The format will compete with Blu-ray, which is also based on a blue laser and a 4.7-inch disc. Blu-ray is backed by nine companies headed by Sony and supports either 23GB, 25GB, or 27GB depending on the version.

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Martian NetDrive Offers Wireless File Sharing

Martian Technologies is aiming squarely at home networks with its new Martian NetDrive, a cross-platform, networked storage device that provides about 40GB worth of file sharing capacity along with integrated wireless networking. The Martian NetDrive connects to Macs, PCs and Linux computers with 802.11b. The unit also offers built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet port.

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Storage Business

Survey Gung Ho For Storage Management Products

The outlook for storage management products may prove to be one of the bright spots in IT spending over the next 12 months. According to a study conducted by Venture Strategy Partners on projected information technology spending patterns, up to 60 percent of corporate IT directors at large companies (with 1,000 employees or more) say they could save an average of nearly $900,000 annually if they had adequate systems in place to properly monitor storage utilization throughout their companys distributed storage area network. The study further revealed that overall technology spending is expected to rise only slightly over the next 12 months with half of purchasing decision makers reporting that IT budgets will rise later in 2003.

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