Storage Web Digest: Next-generation Storage Initiatives

Initiatives focus on future storage architectures including advanced devices, better management and file systems. Veritas Launches Consolidated Recovery Manager Toshiba Adds 512MB Secure Digital Card Sony, San

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Next-generation Storage Initiatives

Several interesting next-generation initiatives are underway in the information storage industry. Some are focused on device technology, some on enhanced performance interconnect and others on better manageability. The following is a survey of some interesting initiatives and trends that portend future storage architecture developments, including Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (EBSI), Network Unified Storage (NUS), Direct Access File Systems (DAFS), and more.

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Veritas Launches Consolidated Recovery Manager

Veritas this week debuted the latest version of its Global Cluster Manager software for consolidating control of disaster recovery products from EMC, Hitachi, and Veritas itself. The Web-based Global Cluster Manager 3.5.1 lets users oversee a heterogeneous environment composed of servers running everything from Windows and HP-UX to Solaris and Unix from a central location, then put disaster recovery and replication tools into play when necessary, Veritas said.

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Personal Storage

Toshiba Adds 512MB Secure Digital Card

Toshiba this week introduced its 512MB Secure Digital memory card. The card features a maximum data transfer rate of 10MB per seccond. The SD-M5124BX card consists of two of Toshibas 2Gbit NAND flash memory devices. The device is being shown at CeBIT America CeBIT America in New York.

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Sony, SanDisk Expand Memory Stick Agreement

Sony on Tuesday announced an extended Memory Stick licensing agreement with memory card maker SanDisk. The cross-licensing agreement will allow SanDisk to manufacture and sell Memory Stick cards, including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick with Memory Select Function, and Memory Stick I/O cards, under the SanDisk brand name. SanDisk currently has the right to manufacture Memory Stick Pro cards under a licensing agreement signed between the two companies in January.

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Storage Business

SD Memory Card Format Shows Major Market Growth

In the first four months of 2003, SD Memory Card sales grew more than 700 percent over the same period in 2002. According to The NPD Group, a global market information company, SD Memory Cards captured 25.2 percent of the U.S. retail and commercial memory card market during the first four months of 2003. Industry analyst IDC also predicts that demand for SD will be more than twice that of any other format by 2006.

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