Storage Web Digest: Quanta Plans Summer Launch for Desktop DVD+RW Drives

Xiran Debuts LAN-To-SAN Accelerator ... New Classes of Storage Switches Could Alter SAN Planning ... Quanta Plans Summer Launch for Its First Desktop DVD+RW Drives ... Adaptec Acquiring Ireland-Based Storage Player

Enterprise Storage

Xiran Debuts LAN-To-SAN Accelerator

Xiran this week debuted a single-board, full-duplex LAN-to-SAN bridge that promises to boost performance and throughput between Fibre Channel storage networks and gigabit Ethernet networks, the company said. The DirectPath DPA-1300 Accelerator, a single-slot PCI board, off-loads all processing of TCP/IP, UDP/IP and iSCSI protocols, and data-transfer chores from the server. It features a 4-Gbyte cache and gigabit Ethernet interface, and offers a pair of 2 Mbit-per-second Fibre Channel ports. Prices begin at $2,500.

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New Classes of Storage Switches Could Alter SAN Planning

Vendors are rolling out a new breed of director-level switches that could lead companies to rethink their storage-area-network setups. The multiprotocol devices will support sophisticated applications for virtualizing and replicating data. Theyll also see to it that quality-of-service (QoS) levels are met. Switch proponents say the boxes have more power than servers, are not wedded to specific arrays, and sit in the middle of the data path. Device makers say they are better suited to run storage management applications than less-powerful servers or arrays, the place where companies typically run such applications.

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Personal Storage

Quanta Plans Summer Launch for Its First Desktop DVD+RW Drives

Quanta Storage, a Taiwan-based OEM/ODM manufacturer of slim optical storage drives used in notebook computers, plans to launch desktop half-height DVD+RW drives in July or August. This will be the first time the company is launching optical storage drives geared for desktops, as well as the first time the company launches its own branded product. While orders from major PC vendors are still its primary target, the company said it wants to test market acceptance of its own-brand of DVD+RW drives. Yet another first to come: the company has yet to decide on the brand name.

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Storage Business

Adaptec Acquiring Ireland-Based Storage Player

Adaptec this week said it will spend $30 million in cash to acquire Dublin, Ireland-based Eurologic Systems. Founded in 1988, Eurologic works through OEMs and resellers to offer JBOD and RAID SCSI, Fibre Channel and Serial ATA products. Adaptec said it will also take over all customer and supplier agreements and will continue to serve Eurologic customers. Prior to the acquisition, Eurologic divested its SAN software business into a separate entity, which will continue to operate independently. The plan is for Adaptec to use Eurologics assets to add more block- and file-based networked storage products to its repertoire.

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