Storage Web Digest: SANs Go Wireless?

Storage Startup Helps Find the Corporate 'Smoking Guns' ... SANs Go Wireless ... Taiwanese Suppliers to Raise CD-R Disc Prices in Q3 ... Low-cost SAN and Storage Management Tools are Top Priorities for Enterprise Managers

Enterprise Storage

Storage Startup Helps Find the Corporate Smoking Guns

Startup RenewData is at the center of a growing business thanks to government regulations aimed at uncovering corporate malfeasance. RenewData, which announced its initial products this month, provides data recovery services to law firms and companies facing litigation. The companys service involves the restoration of e-mails and files cited in subpoenas that are stored on often difficult, incompatible and, if not impossible to recover, tapes. Using proprietary techniques, RenewData sifts through data, restoring it without duplicating redundant files and searching for pertinent e-mails and files that litigants want.

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SANs Go Wireless?

The firm of Steinbach Credit Union is one of the first reported companies to implement a wireless storage area network. The solution involves two SANs separated miles from each other across the flat Canadian prairies, comprising equipment from Xiotech, Cisco and Nishan Systems. But the most important key is the use of Proxim wireless Ethernet radios coupled with 100Base-T networking. The system has been up since February.

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Taiwanese Suppliers to Raise CD-R Disc Prices in Q3

Taiwanese first-tier optical disc makers Ritek and CMC Magnetics (CMC) plan to raise prices for blank CD-R discs by around $0.02 in the third quarter of this year, the companies said. CMC raised its CD-R disc prices just earlier this month, and the prices could go up further after the increase in the summer, said Andria Wong, CMC deputy spokesperson. Prodisc Technology also said it would follow with its own price hike, but has not decided on the amount. The companies prices are currently around $0.18 to $0.19 per unit, according to a DigiTimes report.

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Storage Business

Low-cost SAN and Storage Management Tools are Top Priorities for Enterprise Managers

Storage professionals are planning to spend less on Storage Area Networks (SANs) this year than they did last year, according to TheInfoPros latest storage study. "The real interest is investing in the lower-end SANs, which cost a lot less than the high-end systems that have been purchased the last two years," said TIP CEO and founder Ken Male. This will translate into less SAN spending overall, he said. TIPs study, based on 192 in-depth interviews with Global 2000 storage decision-makers and 42 institutional investors, found that about 40 percent of the TIPNetwork member companies are planning to spend less, while 30 percent are planning to spend about the same. The study also found that the need for better management tools was the most frequent comment heard from the interviewees, with 54 percent of storage pros citing this as their top need. Interoperability was the second biggest user need, cited by 35 percent.

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