Storage Web Digest: SNIA Expands Interoperability Demo

The SMI-Lab Fibre Channel reference implementation will add network attached storage and IP SAN. Storage Vendors Combine Disk, Tape Libraries for Management, Backups FireWire Depot Releases Dual Drive Converter

Enterprise Storage

SNIA Interoperability Demo Adds NAS, IP Storage

The next phase of the Storage Networking Industry Associations interoperability demo is expanding beyond Fibre Channel SAN technology to include network attached storage (NAS) and storage over IP. SMI-Lab, a reference implementation of network storage and management products, uses the SMI (Storage Management Initiative) specification as the interface to simplify storage management. The SMI-Lab3 Developers Demonstration Program will exhibit "ground-breaking progress in the advancement toward achieving interoperable storage management," SNIA announced. The SMI-Lab3 includes the new SNIA Interoperability Conformance Testing Program (ICTP), a foundation for validating compliance with the SMI-S v1.0 interface. The testing process will be used to measure vendor product compliance and to test the consistency and maturity of the evolving specification development process.

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Vendors Combine Disk, Tape Libraries for Storage Management, Backups

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC), Storage Technology Corp. and Spectra Logic Corp. are each developing products that would use serial ATA disk arrays physically and logically tied to tape libraries to consolidate storage management, speed backups, and increase redundancy. Jonathan Otis, ADICs senior vice president of technology, said he sees RAID as adding reliability to his companys libraries because "you can lose a disk drive and the backup will continue, while with tape drives, if a drive goes down it will stop the process and youll have to start it all over again on another drive." ADIC said its combination disk and tape library will be available this fall. Spectra Logic said its model will be available early in 2004. Representatives at Louisville, Colo.-based StorageTek wouldnt say when its product will be available, but they did say the technology is part of an overall information life-cycle management initiative focused on storing data on varying forms of media.

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Personal Storage

FireWire Depot Releases Dual Drive Converter

FireWire Depot this week announced the IF8C, a $129.99 dual drive internal FireWire 800 converter that converts two ATAPI devices into FireWire 800 devices internally. With its internal FireWire converter, you can have up to 63 internal or external IDE devices with only one IRQ (interrupt request line).

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Storage Business

HP Increases Rebates For HP 9000 Servers, Storage, Package Deals

Hewlett-Packard Co. is offering incentives to its channel partners to increase market share in the enterprise server and storage space. Starting this week, HP is offering an additional 2 percent front-end discount to solution providers that sell HP 9000 series servers into the vendors 775 named accounts, and another 2 percent on top of that discount to customers outside those named accounts, said Dan Vertrees, HPs vice president and general manager of enterprise partners, Americas. The incentives count for sales between Aug. 1 and Oct. 28, which corresponds with HPs fourth fiscal quarter, Vertrees said.

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