Storage Web Digest: Startup Candera Reveals SAN Appliance

Company to announce its SCE 510 appliance, a combination switch and virtualization product that works on multivendor SANs. Nortel Lays Out Storage Plan Sony Introduces New Portable Hard Disk Format Dexxon-Dat

Enterprise Storage

Startup Candera Reveals SAN Appliance

Candera this week plans to go public with a storage virtualization device after several years of development. The company will announce the release of its SCE 510 appliance, a combination switch and virtualization product that works on multivendor SANs. The new appliance can automatically identify devices on SANs by disk type, vendor and the level of supported redundancy protection, allowing system administrators to set up dynamic provisioning policies for different types of data, said Richard Meyer, Canderas principal engineer. The start-up, partly funded by the CIA, is selling the systems in clustered pairs that operate separately but can balance workloads between each other.

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Nortel Lays Out Storage Plan

With the heightened interest in business continuity and disaster recovery, Nortel Networks Ltd. has a ready-made market for extending storage-area networks over metropolitan-area networks and WANs. The company, which specializes in optical network gear, uses its fiber-optic multiplexers to extend the distances between Fibre Channel SANs so data can be replicated between enterprise data centers and remote locations. "Nortel has always shown a good understanding of the storage space and the enterprise requirements that are driving their products," said John McKnight, an analyst with Enterprise Storage Group. "They were one of the first networking vendors out of the gate with dense wavelength division multiplexing [DWDM] products that support Enterprise Systems Connection, Fibre Channel, Fibre Connection and storage traffic." According to IDC, Nortel led the metropolitan DWDM market with a 41% market share last year.

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Personal Storage

Sony Introduces New Portable Hard Disk Format

Sony this week announced Giga Vault, a 40GB portable hard drive media. The unit features a form factor in which the media is separate from the USB 2.0 and i.LINK adaptor. This design enables users who purchase an additional cap to carry just the media portion between their two computers. Users can also purchase additional hard disk media as their storage requirements grow. The device is now shipping with a USB 2.0 interface. A FireWire version will be available in the fall.

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Storage Business

Dexxon-Data Picks Up Digital Storage

The Dexxon-Data Media Group this week announced its acquisition of Digital Storage. Digital Storage, with about $140 million in annual revenue, is a wholesale distributor of computer media, hardware and supplies and markets storage-related hardware and accessories. Dexxon-Data Media Group is a Paris-based distributor of storage media and materials.

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