Storage Web Digest: Storage Technology and CommVault to Collaborate on Recovery App

Companies will work together on a StorageTek version of CommVault's QiNetix Quick Recovery software. Storage Managers Report Capacity Utilization Below 60 Percent DVD 'RAM-Compatible' Logo and Compatibility Working Group E

Enterprise Storage

Storage Technology and CommVault to Collaborate on Recovery App

Storage Technology Corp. said it will this week sign a deal with CommVault Systems Inc. to work together on a StorageTek version of CommVaults QiNetix Quick Recovery software. One industry analyst said StorageTek could go in a lot of directions with Quick Recovery, which he classifies in the replication space. "The key part of business-continuity processes is the recovery, not backup anymore," says Anders Lofgren at Forrester Research. "Theres increasing emphasis on quick recovery among CIOs."

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Storage Managers Report Capacity Utilization Below 60 Percent

Two thirds of the respondents to Byte and Switchs latest poll say their storage utilization is less than 60 percent—indicating that most storage systems are still provisioned with more capacity than is needed. Of 100 respondents to theJuly poll, 37 percent said the current average utilization of their enterprise storage systems was between 40 and 59 percent; 19 percent said it was between 20 and 39 percent, and 9 percent put it at less than 20 percent. Meanwhile, 26 percent said their utilization rate was between 60 and 79 percent, and 9 percent answered that it was 80 percent or more.

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Personal Storage

DVD RAM-Compatible Logo and Compatibility Working Group Established

The Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) announced a number of measures it is taking to further speed the expansion of the recordable DVD market. Among these moves, the RDVDC has created a new "RAM Compatible" logo to designate products capable of recording and playing back—or just playing back—video images on DVD-RAM discs in the Video Recording Format. It also announced the establishment of the Compatibility Working Group to ensure interoperability of products using RDVDC-supported recordable DVD formats (DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW).

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Storage Business

Considerations For Outsourcing Storage

Outsourcing reduces the costs of the single most expensive component to storage management—labor. Gartner Group estimates that the cost of managing storage is five to seven times the cost of purchasing the hardware. More specifically, more than 74 percent of storage costs cover management and administration, with only 12 percent going to hardware and capital expenditures. Faced with the impossible task of balancing the urgency for improved data protection and business continuity versus the growing complexity of storage solutions, more and more enterprises are considering outsourcing for key storage functions, such as backup and restore; storage monitoring and management; primary storage, such as NAS and SAN; and remote backup and replication for business continuity. Many companies have already moved these storage functions outside the walls of their data centers and into the hands of storage specialists.

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