Storage Web Digest: StorageTek Releases Virtual Storage Manager 4

VSM 4 offers quadrupled capacity, virtual drive capabilities and improved performance. McData SANs to Gain Invio Automation Pioneer Adds TiVo to DVD Recorders Promise Looks to Ferroelectric Memory for RAID

Enterprise Storage

StorageTek Releases Virtual Storage Manager 4

Storage Technology Corp. this week introduced a new version of its Virtual Storage Manager virtual tape solution, featuring performance and connectivity enhancements that extend the value and power of StorageTeks VSM platform. VSM 4 offers quadrupled capacity and virtual drive capabilities and has improved performance and connectivity. VSM 4 also offers an easier-to-use web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and utilizes disk buffering technology to enable disk-speed data access and throughput.

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McData SANs to Gain Invio Automation

Storage management automation vendor Invio Software Inc. this week announced a licensing agreement with SAN maker McData Corp. McData will license Invios Storage Practice Manager software, leveraging its extensive process automation technology to create next-generation enterprise storage management solutions.

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Personal Storage

Pioneer Adds TiVo to DVD Recorders

Pioneer Electronics recently introduced two new DVD recorders that feature TiVo service. The Pioneer Elite DVR-57H includes a 120GB hard disc drive while the Pioneer DVR-810H has 80GB. Both models are powered by the TiVo service and offer the ability to schedule and record programs while playing a DVD; play programs from the hard drive while recording from the hard drive onto a DVD; watch a program from the beginning while the recorder simultaneously finishes the recording and transfers content at high speeds from the hard drive to a DVD for long-term storage.

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Promise Looks to Ferroelectric Memory for RAID Controllers

Ramtron International Corp. this week announced that its ferroelectric memory (FRAM) will be used by Promise Technology Inc. in standalone RAID storage controllers. Promise said Ramtrons FM18L08 device is used to store RAID transaction logs and other non-volatile data. Promise holds 87 percent of the market for IDE/ATA and RAID controllers, according to Gartner Dataquest.

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Storage Business

Windows Powered NAS Gains Market Share

Microsoft Corp. this week announced that new data from IDC shows growth for Windows-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances. Adoption of Windows Powered NAS appliances in the first quarter of 2003 helped Microsoft gain eight percentage points over the previous quarter, for a total of 41 percent, as measured in units shipped. Microsoft sees enterprise adoption as a key source of Windows Powered NAS unit share growth.

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Floppies Not Dead Yet

Buyers in the European market love recordable CDs, are embracing recordable DVDs, but contrary to recent reports, magnetic media such as the floppy diskette are still hugely popular at home and in the office. These are the findings of a survey released today by Imation Corp. Aimed at discovering users personal and professional buying habits in the removable storage market, the survey found that, although DVD technology is gradually gaining a foothold, it is still far outpaced by CD-Rs and CD-RWs. Another interesting observation of the survey was that diskettes and magnetic tapes are both still very popular for storing digital data, with 61 percent of respondents still using floppy disks.

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