Storage Web Digest: StorServer Connects With Tapes

The maker of backup and recovery appliances signs marketing and technology deal with tape library vendor. IBM Upgrades Shark Storage Server Western Digital May Go Mobile< NetApp Buys Auspex Patents

Enterprise Storage

StorServer Connects With Tapes

StorServer, maker of backup and recovery appliances based on Serial ATA drives, this week unveiled a technology and marketing deal with Qualstar, a tape library vendor, to provide an integrated system that features the best of tape and disk systems. The combo system will store live data on the ATA drives and archive unneeded data to the tape drives. Most businesses will initially back up data on ATA drives because that technology offers better performance, but theyll also use tapes because of cost and portability issues, said David Hill, an analyst at Aberdeen Group.

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IBM Upgrades Shark Storage Server

IBM this week will offer improvements to data backup features in its high-end storage setup. The company is upgrading both a data-copying tool and a technology for remotely mirroring information. The enhancements are for IBMs TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800—also known as the Shark system. IBM will offer its "FlashCopy" tool, which takes a snapshot of data in the storage system, and an incremental copy feature that will transfer to a second set of disks only the information that has changed from an earlier copy.

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Personal Storage

Western Digital May Go Mobile

Western Digital started development work on a new line of mobile drives and could enter the market quickly if it chooses to, said Steve Wilkins, director of marketing for enterprise products at the company. Western Digital CEO Matt Massengill first revealed the companys notebook intentions during an IDC forum last month, Wilkins said. Seagate Technology, another desktop and server hard-drive manufacturer,entered the notebook hard drive market earlier this month.

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Storage Business

NetApp Buys Auspex Patents

Network Appliance this week said it bought the patent portfolio of Auspex Systems with a bid of $8.98 million to the court overseeing Auspexs bankruptcy. The patent portfolio covers many technologies central to network-attached storage systems and expands the number of issued U.S. patents owned by NetApp. Earlier this week, GlassHouse Technologies, submitted the successful bid to acquire the worldwide services and support business of Auspex.

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