Storage Web Digest: Sun Solaris Upgrade Supports Beefier Storage

Diligent Brings Virtual Tape Technology to Open Systems ... Sun Solaris Upgrade Supports Beefier Storage ... Watchmaker Puts Flash Memory Close at Hand ... Velio Preps Storage Fabric?

Enterprise Storage

Diligent Brings Virtual Tape Technology to Open Systems

Diligent Technologies last week brought its mainframe-class tape virtualization technology into open systems. The company will offer VTF Open, which brings the technology to the open systems space, said Noemi Greyzdorf, product manager. The software resides on an off-the-shelf Linux server running Red Hat 7.2 and connects to up to four front-end hosts and up to four back-end Fibre Channel RAID or non-RAID arrays per server, she said. The companys tape virtualization technology, called Virtual Tape Facility, allows data to be stored on a hard disk instead of tape in such a way that backup and restore applications from several leading vendors think it is being stored to tape. "The backup application doesnt know it is talking to disk drives," she said. "It thinks and acts as if it is working with tape libraries."

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Sun Solaris Upgrade Supports Beefier Storage

Sun Microsystems last week updated its Solaris operating system to support larger storage systems, the company said. Updating will allow users to have as much as 2 petabytes (2 million gigabytes), of storage in a single volume, as opposed to the 1-terabyte limit imposed by the Solaris Volume Manager in older versions of Solaris, said Bill Moffitt, group manager for Solaris product management. Breaking the 1-terabyte limit is a significant step after the introduction of the Solaris Volume Manager in May 2002 and the unveiling of an improved Unix file system in Solaris in December last year, according to Moffitt.

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Personal Storage

Watchmaker Puts Flash Memory Close at Hand

Cartagena Handels Gmbh, a Vienna-based company that sells watches under the Laks brand name, offers three versions of the Laks Memory watch, each with a different flash memory capacity. The watch is available with 32MB, 64MB or 128MB of memory. The memory works with computers running Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP; Mac OS 8.6 or higher; and Linux 2.4, according to the company. A short USB cable is also built into the watch and can be tucked away in a groove and clip in the wristband when not in use.

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Storage Business

Velio Preps Storage Fabric?

Chip maker Velio Communications Inc. reportedly will offer a switch fabric for the storage market later this year, according to Light Reading reports. Last fall, Velio released serializer-deserializer (SerDes) chips targeting Fibre Channel. And officials sais their Gigacore2 technology, capable of running 6.25-Gbit-per-second signals is attracting interest for some 4-Gbit/second Fibre Channel applications. In addition, a switch fabric is a natural extension, considering the company already makes Sonet fabrics.

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