Storage Web Digest: Voltaire Pumps Up iSCSI

InfiniBand switch start-up Voltaire Inc. this week announced the pairing of iSCSI and InfiniBand. XOsoft Debuts Data Rewinder Replication Software Hitachi Releases New 250GB Serial ATA Deskstar Drive PCI Expr

Enterprise Storage

Voltaire Pumps Up iSCSI

InfiniBand switch start-up Voltaire Inc. this week said it is the first vendor to pair iSCSI and InfiniBand. The company said its storage connectivity solution provides high-performance conductivity to Fibre Channel and IP storage area networks. In addition, the management and virtualization capabilities embedded in Voltaires InfiniBand-to-FC routers can leverage the broad management and protocol standardization of iSCSI. According to Voltaire, its solution eliminates the over-provisioning of storage networks with shared and efficient connectivity, and reduces overall Total Cost of Ownership for server/storage connectivity by minimizing the number of required protocols and management tools.

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XOsoft Debuts Data Rewinder Replication Software

XOsoft this week introduced recovery software that saves application and database transactions continuously. Dubbed Data Rewinder, the software eliminates the need for replicating data at periodic intervals by tracking databases via kernel level enhancements to Windows, Solaris and Linux environments. Leonid Shtilman, CEO and chairman of XOsoft, said the software is targeted to database administrators working with database-dependent applications.

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Personal Storage

Hitachi Releases New 250GB Serial ATA Deskstar Drive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies this week announced a new Serial ATA desktop hard drive, the 3.5-inch Hitachi Deskstar 7K250. The drive runs at 7,200 RPM and is aimed at traditional desktop environments as well as to address the needs of near-line storage, disk-to-disk backup, gaming and other performance applications.

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Storage Business

PCI Express Extension Gains Momentum

A group of companies this week signed onto the PCI Express consortium and gave support for its standards-based extension, dubbed Advanced Switching. The extension is a switched interconnect and data-fabric technology based on the PCI Express architecture, with a transaction layer that is optimized to provide specialized communications features, such as high-availability functions, peer-to-peer and multicast networking, congestion and system management, scalability, and support for virtually any networking protocol.

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