Storage Web Digest: XiMeta Gets Personal With NAS

Storage Needs Beating Moore's Law? ... XiMeta Intros Line of Personal NAS ... Kano Presents Line of Automated CD-R and DVD+R Disc-Publishing Systems ... Lite-On IT: New Optical Drives to Dominate 2003 Revenues

Enterprise Storage

Storage Needs Outstripping Moores Law?

Storage requirements are fast outstripping even Moores Law, according to research recently released by the European arm of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). Approximately 30 percent of the respondents to the SNIA-E Storage Audit 2002 survey said that their storage requirements ballooned by 100 percent or more in the past 12 months. One in 10 reported growth of more than 200 percent. "The continuing explosion of information overload from databases and e-mail shows no sign of abating," said Michel Grosbost, chairman of SNIA Europe. "IT directors are facing a constant battle to contain and effectively manage this information." The consensus of those surveyed was that the increased demand on storage would continue at roughly the same rate through 2003.

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Personal Storage

XiMeta Intros Line of Personal NAS

XiMeta Technology Inc. this week announced a pair of low cost, network direct-attached storage devices at the Networld+Interop 2003 show. NetDisk Portable and NetDisk Removable will ship in the summer and the company said it plans to introduce a family of NetDisk products over the course of this year. The drives come with USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces.

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Kano Presents Line of Automated CD-R and DVD+R Disc-Publishing Systems

Kano Technologies last week introduced a new line of automated disc-publishing systems. The ATLAS Standalone CD-R Publisher can duplicate up to 100 CDs at a time with a push of a button. The ATLAS NAS CD-R Publisher features plug-and-play connectivity directly to any standard network. The system includes an integrated PC, hard drive, 52x CD-R drive, and four-color ink-jet printer. Its GUI allows any network client to create up to 100 CDs and customized over the network. Prices start at $6,495.

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Storage Business

Lite-On IT: New Optical Drives to Dominate 2003 Revenues

Lite-On IT at this weeks first-quarter investors conference said that new products such as combo, slim combo and DVD+RW drives and DVRs (digital video recorders) are expected to contribute about 40 percent of its full-year revenues. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives contributed 97 percent of the companys first-quarter revenues. The company reported shipping 9.56 million optical drives in the first quarter and forecast second-quarter shipments will remain about the same.

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