Storage Web Digest: Z-Force Switch Boosts NAS Scalability

New ZX-1000 File Switch lets network attached storage scale incrementally. Iomega Licenses CA Backup for NAS New Tape Backup Speed Records CyberLink Adds DVD Defragmentation to Authoring Software

Enterprise Storage

Z-Force Switch Boosts NAS Scalability

Z-force Inc. this week announced availability of its ZX-1000 File Switch, a new network node that enables the creation of a scalable Common Internet File System architecture. Z-forces File Switch sits at the heart of an architecture called a NAS Array—enabling an unlimited number of industry-standard, off-the-shelf NAS devices to be aggregated into a single high-performance storage network. Based on industry-standard components, the ZX-1000 File Switch enables network attached storage to scale incrementally, from as little as 500GB to over 1.5 petabytes in a single file system, while delivering from 190MB per second to over 3GB per second of bandwidth.

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Iomega Licenses CA Backup for NAS

Iomega Corp. and Computer Associates International,Inc. this week announced a worldwide OEM agreement to deliver the Iomega NAS Backup solution, a complete backup, recovery, archive and data protection solution for small and medium-sized businesses that will ship with storage and security management software from CA. Each system will include a Windows Powered Iomega NAS server with up to 1.28 terabytes of usable capacity, along with CAs BrightStorARCserve Backup data protection software and eTrust Antivirus software.

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New Tape Backup Speed Records

A group of companies, including Silicon Graphics Inc. and Legato Systems Inc., along with StorageTek Corp., LSI Logic Corp. and Brocade Communications Systems Inc., this week announced tape backup and restore benchmarks nearly three times faster than the highest previous marks. The new benchmark of 10.1 terabytes per hour for disk-to-tape backup is 2.79 times faster than Hewlett-Packard Co.s April mark, according to SGIs Craig Schultz, and the tape-to-disk image restore mark of 7.9 terabytes is 3.59 times faster than Computer Associates International Inc.s October 2002 record. And those are just two of several new records the vendors are claiming. Schultz maintains all the new benchmarks are actual, not extrapolated, and are repeatable.

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Personal Storage

CyberLink Adds DVD Defragmentation to Authoring Software

CyberLink Corp. announced that it will add disc defragmentation to its PowerProducer 2 DVD authoring software. The unique disc defragmentation feature supports the editable disc format on both DVD-RW and DVD+RW drives, has data reading efficiency, maximizes free space usage and smoothens playback quality.

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Storage Business

Storability Snaps Up Key Storage Assets

Storability Software Inc. this week announced its acquisition of the assets of ProvisionSoft Inc.s resource management software application, continuing the consolidation trend in the industry while affirming the sectors interest in enterprise management software. Storability, a provider of storage resource management software, bought the DynamicIT line of the former start-up for an undisclosed amount. The Southborough, Mass.-based outfit said the buy adds advanced workflow automation and provisioning technology to its flagship Global Storage Manager enterprise storage resource management product.

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