Store More Pay Less

Saddled with skin-tight budgets, enterprises turn to new storage technologies to cut costs and improve performance.

IT budgets are having a tough time keeping pace with just about everything these days—but most especially with the growing need for storage. Fortunately, emerging technologies such as iSCSI and Serial ATA hard drives are helping storage managers meet the data demand for less. Cases in point: the city of Steamboat Springs, Colo., and Channel Intelligence, whose storage strategies Senior Writer Anne Chen examines in "Make Room for Data."

Another technology that has helped enterprises efficiently store and access data is storage area networking. In SAN Saga," Technology Editor Peter Coffee provides all the details of one companys SAN saga–from the decision-making phase, to testing, to implementation, to early return on investment.

So what are the downsides to these sometimes-major upticks in technology? For one thing, storage security and management are still in many ways uncharted territory, especially for newer technologies such as iSCSI and storage virtualization. In "Facing Up to the Need for Security in Storage" and "iSCSI Faces Management Hurdles," respectively, Senior Writer Evan Koblentz and Senior eWEEK Labs Analyst Henry Baltazar raise the red flags.