Stratify Tool Searches Unstructured Data

An update to stratify Inc.s Discovery System software introduces capabilities designed to help enterprises get a better handle on unstructured data.

Stratify Discovery System 3.0 enables business users to categorize documents; recognize critical entities such as people, locations and organizations in those documents; and discover new data relationships in the documents, said Stratify officials, in Mountain View, Calif.

Discovery System 3.0 includes administrative usability and workflow enhancements to Stratify Taxonomy Manager. A new security architecture in the update integrates with enterprise identity management environments such as LDAP and Microsoft Corp.s Active Directory to provide granular control over taxonomies and topics.

Discovery System 3.0 provides new ways to organize unstructured information, integrated enterprise search and extraction capabilities, and newly defined linguistic entities for analytics and data mining tools that can be tuned to specific groups and business needs.

Dialog, a unit of The Thomson Corp. that provides online information services to businesses, uses Discovery System 3.0 to help customers find information in the companys vast content. Cliff Pollan, executive vice president of alliances and technologies at Dialog, in Burlington, Mass., said the Stratify product helps solve the "age-old problem" of creating value from unstructured data, particularly by automatically determining the right combination of search techniques—Boolean, keyword, statistical analysis and so on. "The problem isnt so much finding a needle in a haystack; its finding a needle in a set of needles," said Pollan. "This helps solve that problem."