Suite Tracks HR Processes

Automation Centre's forthcoming TrackerSuite for HR provides a central data management system for employee self-service HR.

Office automation and professional services automation software provider Automation Centre is expanding its offerings to include human resources tracking. The company will release its TrackerSuite for HR early next month.

TrackerSuite for HR lowers human resource professionals workload by providing a central data management system that enables employees to self-manage information, automates the hiring process and tracks staff skills, according to officials at the Tucson, Ariz., company.

Automation Centres TrackerSuite for HR, due to be generally available Jan. 1, 2002, is based on the Lotus Softwares Notes groupware system and user interface, and integrates with existing Notes applications that a company has already implemented.

Earlier this year, Automation Center announced that it had struck a deal with Microsoft Corp. to integrate Tracker software with the Microsoft Outlook messaging client, as well, though the HR suite is not yet available for Microsoft users. The Microsoft version, TrackerOffice for HR, is scheduled to be released by the end of 2002.

The TrackerSuite for HR is comprised of five applications that run on Lotus Notes/Domino. The applications include Personnel Tracker, Applicant Tracker, Skills Tracker, Evaluation Tracker and a Tracker Suite Data Warehouse.

Personnel Tracker is a Web-based repository of employee information that includes phone numbers, addresses, office locations, supervisors, service dates, birth dates, benefit plan, vacation dates and other pertinent information. The application can be overlaid into an existing Notes name and address book to be self-managed by employees.

Applicant Tracker automates the interview and hiring process. It stores resumes, schedules interviews and reference checks, manages the ranking process and tracks orientation and provisioning for new hires. The software also automatically imports data for new hires and transfers it into Personnel Tracker.

Skills Tracker provides templates to create and administer tests that quantify employee skill sets. Web-enabled to link to existing e-learning environments, it and allows for employee self-service.

Evaluation Tracker enables HR staff to track employee performance by organizing and maintaining personnel reviews and evaluations. It enables the creation of templates and an online discussion forum allows personnel to share information across the organization.

Finally, Tracker Data Warehouse generates executive-level reports.

TrackerSuite for HR integrates with Automation Centres TrackerSuite family of products, including TrackerSuite for IT, for sales and for projects.

Pricing depends on the number of modules a company purchases. One module, which includes Tracker Personnel, is priced starting at $325 for 100 seats, and $35 for 2,500 seats.