Symantec CEO Hints at Deals with Dell, Sun

Thompson kicks off Symantec's Vision conference with a keynote address aimed at the future.

LAS VEGAS-Symantec Chairman and CEO John Thompson didn't have any new product news to speak of when he opened the annual Vision user conference here at the Venetian on June 10, but he did allude to a couple of big deals that will happen this fall.

Thompson, now in his 10th year at the helm of the world's largest-selling software security company, said Symantec will be announcing OEM deals with Dell and Sun Microsystems "later this year." One of them will involve the integration of his company's Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional into Dell's ever-growing software portfolio.
In the other partnership transaction, Sun will be incorporating Symantec's storage virtualization software into its own set of products, to help with archiving and e-discovery capabilities.
Both Sun and Dell, strong in hardware but still filling gaps in the storage software department, need a one-stop shop like Symantec to give them a variety of choices in this area.
"Dell and Sun are both Global Premier Sponsors of this conference, and two close allies of ours," Thompson said. "Dell's new [data center] management console to come this fall will be built completely based on our Altiris software. It will provide archiving, messaging and endpoint security on a single pane of glass for the IT administrator.
"Sun will be using our storage virtualization software for energy conservation, archiving and e-discovery purposes. This should all be finalized this fall."

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