Symantec Sweetens Data Center Management

New enterprise products give improved management capabilities and add features.

WASHINGTON—Symantecs Data Center Management business unit announced July 11 that the company is releasing major upgrades to two key management products, Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server, both of which are being released as Version 5.0.

Storage Foundation 5.0 provides customers with a single interface for diverse storage solutions, while CLS protects against unplanned downtime and data loss. The announcement was made at Symantecs Vision Government 2006 conference here.

Both products are available immediately.

"These new products are designed to help our customers," said Kris Hagerman, Group President of the Data Center Management business unit, which was acquired by Symantec when the company purchased Veritas.

"Data centers are running out of control," Hagerman said. "Databases are doubling in size every year, applications must be kept up with no downtime, and the complexities are unmanageable."

Hagerman said that adding to the problems of data center managers, "resources are flat or even trending down."

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Hagerman said that the companys Foundation software creates a core infrastructure layer that supports all major operating environments.

"It creates a standard environment," he said, explaining that this means that the data center staff only has to learn one system instead of one for each product in the data center.

"This reduces complexity, raises performance, creates better utilization and drives out costs," Hagerman said.

Hagerman said that the company is also shipping Storage Foundation Basic, a free product designed to support edge servers.

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