Symwave to Demo USB 3.0 Data Link Protocol at CES - Page 4

About two years ago, Intel quietly began trying to rally the consumer electronics vendors and suppliers of technology to start the USB 3.0 standardization effort, O'Neill said.

"Outside of Intel, we believe Symwave has the largest contingent of engineers working on USB 3.0 and we believe it's not a matter of, 'Will this market happen?', it's really only, 'When will it happen?'"

Symwave thinks this changeover will happen sooner rather than later, basically because there's a huge amount of pent-up demand, O'Neill said.

"USB 2.0, which can move data at 480Mb, was standardized over 10 years ago-everything else [meaning the data itself] has grown at least tenfold, if not hundredfold," O'Neill said. "The size of the files we use, the expectation about how fast things happen-anybody that has a digital camera or an iPod has probably endured the pain of trying to download images or sync their iPod.

"Frankly, USB has been behind the curve. That will all be changing. Everybody I know that I talk to about this says, 'Wow, that's so cool. Can't wait for that!'"

Chris Preimesberger

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