Systemax, DataCore Partnership Creates New Storage Server Appliance

The Systemax-branded Storage Server appliance bundles DataCore's SANmelody software with an LSI Logic Corp.'s eight-port MegaRAID SATA 300-8x card with PCI-X host interface.

Systemax Inc. is rolling out a new range of specialized Storage Server appliances featuring DataCore Software Corp. storage area network technology that is designed to let users and ISVs turn a PC into a low-cost integrated storage controller using built-in iSCSI connectivity.

Currently shipping, the Systemax-branded Storage Server appliances bundle DataCores SANmelody software with an LSI Logic Corp.s eight-port MegaRAID SATA (serial ATA) 300-8x card with PCI-X host interface.

When combined with PCs running Microsoft Windows, the hardware and software package is capable of serving disks over LANs for customers in need of greater storage capacity, according to Ziya Aral, chairman and CTO for Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based DataCore.

Aral said that in the future, he envisions Port Washington, N.Y.-based Systemax enhancing its fledgling Storage Server appliances with added on DataCore-oriented advanced feature functions.

For example, these could include host-independent and high-end capabilities such as paired mirroring through remote copies, point-in-time snapshots, failover across redundant disk servers, as well as auto provisioning of storage.

SANmelody is targeted at converting PC servers into expansion disk servers.

The software allows the spanning of LUNs by enabling added capacity to look like extra internal drives to servers requiring disk space within SAN (storage area network) or LAN environments.

LSI Logics 3G bps SATA II RAID adapter provides the RAID algorithm that protects the data and increases performance through Native Command Queuing Enclosure Management support.

Systemax, a distributor and manufacturer or PC hardware and related computer products, will sell its new low-cost Storage Server appliances through Tiger Direct and other major subsidiaries of Systemax.


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