Tegile Launches Speedy New Multi-Tiered Flash Storage Array

IntelliFlash HD is designed to provide in a single NAND flash platform up to 12.5 million IOPS and 500PB of usable capacity in a single rack.

NAND flash storage maker Tegile Systems, which has rebranded itself as a provider of persistent-memory storage solutions for databases and containerized environments, on June 29 released its next-generation flagship flash storage platform.

The Milpitas, Calif.-based company said its newest IntelliFlash HD enables enterprises to take advantage of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) without needing the system resources commonly required by other vendors. The new arrays contain high-density flash, provides full encryption and can store 30 percent more petabytes of data for any application use case and every workload, the company said.

They are powered by IntelliFlash OS 3.7, the newest iteration of Tegile’s flash-optimized storage architecture.

Aimed at Fortune 1000 enterprise customers that are pursuing aggressive consolidation of data centers, IntelliFlash HD is designed to provide in a single NAND flash platform up to 12.5 million IOPS (input-output operations per second) and 500PB of usable capacity in a single rack, the company said.

IntelliFlash HD can accelerate business applications, eliminate storage silos and achieve economic benefits of hyper-consolidation, Tegile said.

IntelliFlash OS is the same operating system that powers all of Tegile's all-flash and hybrid arrays. IntelliFlash OS brings together several high-end architectural components in flash management, data persistence and data management, the company said.

Notable benefits of Tegile’s IntelliFlash HD include:

  • High-capacity density: With up to 20TB of storage capacity in a single 42U rack, the new IntelliFlash HD offers 2.5x more capacity, and 30 percent more density than its predecessor. Use case: The United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, stores high-performance SQL databases as well as unstructured data in the form of raw video files, and then edits video files in real time to broadcast on screens around the stadium to 23,000 fans a game.
  • Performance: Up to 3X performance for write-oriented, small-block workloads, and 12.5 million IOPS in a single rack helps several businesses with new productivity. Tegile helps Cherry Health speed medical record access and see an additional 62,000 patients per year, the company said.
  • Data reduction efficiency at scale: Financial Services firm International Decision Systems saw a 74 percent data-reduction rate. This was such a significant improvement in application performance and efficiency that the company said it has experienced a material improvement on its bottom line.

IntelliFlash OS 3.7 Avilable for All Tegile Customers

Tegile said it is making IntelliFlash OS 3.7 available to all customers. New features include:

  • IO prioritization for predictable performance to disparate applications with varying workload profiles across multiple tiers of non-volatile storage media in a consolidated environment.
  • Rapid object cloning for large-scale virtualized and container deployments.
  • Data access virtualization for rapid mobility of data sets between volumes, file systems and storage pools.

Tegile’s new IntelliFlash HD is available now. For more information, go here.

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