The Buzz: March 26, 2001

Fiorina on Our Mobile Culture; Anonymous Poster Named; Road Warriors Gain Access


Fiorina on Our Mobile Culture

The worlds apparently insatiable appetite for mobile connectivity is posing challenges to businesses and society that can no longer be ignored, warns Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

Ironically, Fiorina delivered the message last week at the CeBIT trade show in Germany, where thousands of companies touted their wireless wares, some of which packed cell phones, music and video players, PDAs, and even cameras into a single device.

Even HP showed a Jornada PDA that can be used as a cell phone.

"Frankly, were all having trouble finding exactly the right formula," Fiorina said. "Technology for technologys sake isnt the definition of a great invention."


Anonymous Poster Named

An english judge has ordered two stock-watcher Web sites to reveal the identity of an individual who used a nickname when posting messages to their discussion groups.

The BBC last week reported that the judge ordered The Motley Fool and Interactive Investor International Web sites to provide the identity of a user who went by the nickname Zeddust. Totalise, an English ISP that sought his identity, plans to sue the person for allegedly making defamatory remarks in the postings.


Road Warriors Gain Access

AdAlive is expanding the capabilities of its public network access points to give road warriors greater access to corporate data.

The company this week will announce a partnership to integrate Coolas InterChange two-way content delivery software with AdAlives network of airport-based Internet access points for PDAs (personal digital assistants). This will enable enterprises to customize corporate information so it can be delivered to employees while they are traveling.

By setting a PDA next to it, AdAlives access point devices sync up the data on a users PDA with data in a corporate data store via the AdAlive Internet connection. An infrared link passes the data from the access point to the PDA.