TimeSpring Launches New Data Protection Software

TimeSpring has released its TimeData CDP software, which promises to help businesses back up data as it changes.

TimeSpring Software announced Dec. 18 that it has launched TimeData continuous data protection software for 64-bit applications that support the Microsoft Windows platform.

The Newport Beach, Calif. data protection software companys TimeData will be able to run on SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint Services and NTFS (NT file systems), allowing network administrators to retrieve any or all lost, corrupt or deleted documents.

"64-bit computing is becoming more prevalent with most new servers now being deployed based on 64-bit technology," David Hill, principal of The Mesabi Group, an analyst firm specializing in IT investments, said in a company release.

TimeSprings newest data protection software for 64-bit applications will be able to continuously capture data as it changes in real time to an on-site or off-site repository, while also having no protection gaps, no scheduling requirements, no backup-related system slowdowns and no backup windows for network administrators to handle.

TimeData follows ILM (information lifecycle management) and regulatory requirements to enhance data management and retention technologies by allowing enterprises to have unified constant protection for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

The software will be able to identify critical application events, including transaction commits and database checkpoints, as they occur, allowing business users to fully restore their applications.

TimeData CDP will also help businesses to do the following:

  • Makes data available at the level of granularity required, ranging from a single file to large databases.
  • Allows business users to make a time dimensioned repository of data available for business intelligence, offline analysis, reporting or testing.
  • Helps users maintain a complete history of all data changes to support data audit and retention objectives.

"As users upgrade their underlying computer platforms, it is a good time to think about upgrading their data protection from traditional backup or snapshot systems to full continuous data protection," Hill said.

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TimeData CDP software is available immediately for SQL Server and NTFS through authorized TimeSpring business partners while SharePoint and Exchange support are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2007.

Pricing will depend on which CDP options a user chooses, whether it is SQL Server, Exchange, Sharepoint or NTFS.

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