TMS Offers 1TB Memory Cache

Compatible with both Brocade and McData switches, the new hardware has up to 128 Fibre Channel ports for $1.6M.

Texas Memory Systems Inc. Thursday announced a 1TB version of its memory cache for high-performance computing uses.

The new hardware, Tera-RamSan, has up to 128 Fibre Channel ports for $1.6 million, officials said.

"Where you have 150, 250 gigabytes, thats where you start talking about the sweet range. Its meant to be a scalable product that people can put in and they know they can grow," said Paul Kaler, vice president of technology, in Houston.

Tera-RamSan, available now, is compatible with Brocade Communications Systems Inc.s and McData Corp.s storage switches, he said. Its built from 32 of TMS RamSan 220 modules, which use Synchronous DRAM. An internal switch eliminates the need for separate server-side host-bus adapters for each module, he explained.

The device can transmit data at 2 million inputs/outputs per second and resides in two standard 42U 19-inch racks, officials said. Each of its modules has redundant and hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries, 2G-bps Fibre Channel ports, fans, power supplies and SCSI disk drives.

Management of a Tera-RamSan and its up to 2,000 logical units is performed through both a browser-based interface and standard client software, over Ethernet.

Looking forward, Kaler said, "Were always working on individually faster systems and more capacity."

Imperial Technology Inc., of El Segundo, Calif., also launched a 1TB memory cache this week. MegaRam 10000 has up to 48 ports and 1 million IOPS. It costs $2 million. Imperial will have a software upgrade focusing on usability next month, a spokesman said.

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